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classic apple detox smoothie recipe

Classic Apple Detox Smoothie Recipe


  • 1 1/2 oz baby spinach
  • 1 apple - chopped
  • 2 oz celery - chopped
  • 1 mini cucumber - chopped
  • 1 lemon - juiced
  • 1/2 inch ginger - peeled, chopped
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup ice

The correct way to think of the “detox” label is something that helps your organs work at their highest capacity, not something that causes rapid weight loss or an instant flat belly (as some weight loss products would have you believe). Anti-inflammatory ginger, alkalizing lemon, hydrating celery and cucumber, and vitamin-infused baby spinach and apple, all provide ample amounts of healthy goodness in a low sugar, low calorie package.

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(Nutrition Facts: Approximately 66 calories, 0g fat, 17g carbs, 4g fiber, 9g sugar, 1g protein per 12-ounce serving. Yields 2 servings)

Smoothie Categories: Low Calorie, Low Sugar, Anti-Inflammatory, Immune Boosting, Glow

classic apple detox