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The Best Ways To Drink Smoothies On The Go

The Best Ways To Drink Smoothies On The Go

(This story originally written for Journy (, a personal travel planning service and mobile app rethinking the old-school travel agency.)

If you’re looking for the perfect snack to take on the road, or even on your daily morning commute, we know just the ingredients — and a few tips and tricks — you’ll want to use to make sure your smoothie stays thick, delicious and drinkable!

Incorporate Healthy Fats

One of the best ways to insure that your smoothie doesn’t separate during transit is to incorporate healthy fats like coconut milk, coconut flakes, half an avocado, hemp seeds, chia seeds, nuts, and nut butters. The less fat you have in your smoothie, the quicker it will separate, and the harder it will be to capture the original texture. Smoothies that incorporate healthy fats only require a quick shake to bring them back to their original creaminess. Plus, healthy fats help to keep you full, which is ideal for long travel days!

Best Way To Drink Smoothies On The Go, healthy fat

Add Protein

When you’re traveling, avoiding all those not-so-great-for-you snacks at rest stops, in airports and on the road can be difficult. Adding a scoop of unflavored protein powder can help keep you satisfied, energetic, and able to resist any type of craving that might come up. Most unflavored protein powders (like pea protein) have very little fat and added sugar, so they’re the perfect way to keep your blood sugar in check as well.

Invest In A Great To Go Cup

The key to enjoying your smoothie no matter what type of vehicle you’re in is a great to-go cup. A cup that will keep your smoothie frosty cold for a few hours, that’s easy to handle, doesn’t leak, and comes with a straw. We’re big fans of this Healthy Human 20z stainless steel tumbler, but there are so many good options out there that it’s really up to you! The main takeaway is: Don’t skimp! Spend good money, get a good smoothie.

Freeze Ingredients First

If you’ll be in transit for a while, or just have a long daily commute, consider freezing all of your produce (yes, even the greens!) to keep your smoothie thick and cold during travel. If you use non-dairy milk in your smoothie, you can freeze that in ice cube trays as well.

To prepare, wash and chop your produce the night before, and then seal in an air-tight bag in the freezer. Add the ingredients to your blender in the morning, blend until the smoothie has a thick “milkshake-like” consistency, and then pour in your to-go cup. As the smoothie melts during the commute, the smoothie will become easier to drink, but will stay cold at the same time!

Strawberry Banana Bread Smoothie Recipe by Green Blender

Keep It Simple

The best way to ensure that your on-the-go smoothie is fabulous is to keep the ingredients simple. Familiar fruits, vegetables, nuts, non-dairy milk, and the occasional superfood is a great way to create a recipe you know you’ll enjoy. Save the fun experiments for when you’re not traveling, and have time to reconfigure a possible recipe misfire.

A few classic combinations to try

A handful of strawberries, banana, handful of spinach, protein powder and a cup of nut milk / cup of ice. Apple, banana, handful of spinach, protein powder, tablespoon of chia seeds, and a cup of coconut water / cup of ice. Two apples, handful of spinach, zucchini, three tablespoons cashews, protein powder and coconut water.

If you’re looking for more simple recipe ideas, try our Chocolate and Bananas smoothie recipe, our Classic Apple Detox recipe,  or our Classic Apple Pie smoothie recipe.

Basically, stick to about three pieces of produce, a scoop of unflavored protein, and some kind of tasty non-diary beverage!

nectarine banana smoothie recipe

Nutrients On The Go!

Traveling should be a fun adventure, and the best way to keep things fun is to make sure you’re energized the entire way. Sipping on a green smoothie while you’re in transit will not only keep cravings at bay, but will help ensure you get the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need to make the most out of the journey!