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10 Wellness Books That Might Just Change Your Life

If the weather has you feeling like you’re ready to make some big changes in your life, we’ve got 10 books that might just be the catalyst for some awesome transformation.

Whether you’ve been thinking about changing careers, picking up a new hobby, going after a dream you’ve had for a while, or are simply ready to make your life the happiest, healthiest life you can make it, there’s a book on this list for you.

Inspiration can be a powerful thing. Peruse through this list, find the title that speaks to you, and start making things happen!

The Telomere Effect

Top 10 Wellness Books by GreenBlender, Telomere Effect

This book may not be the actual Fountain of Youth — but it’s close! Based on research from Nobel Prize winning researcher Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and Dr. Elissa Epel, The Telomere Effect explores how the right kind of diet, exercise plan, self care — and yes, even positive thinking — can effect a certain biological enzyme called telomerase, which is responsible for helping us live long, healthy lives.

If you’ve been looking for a blueprint for how to eat, sleep and love your way to a more vital life, The Telomere Effect might be right up your alley.  Buy The Book Here >>

Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Foods

Top 10 Wellness Books by GreenBlender, Deep Nutrition

Named one of the best health and wellness books of 2017 by Sports Illustrated magazine, Deep Nutrition is a self-published phenomenon from physician and biochemist Cate Shanahan, M.D, the science director of the LA Lakers PRO Nutrition program. In her book, Shanahan looks at some of the top trending diets — like the Mediterranean, Okinawa, and Paleo diets — and pulls four main nutritional strategies that constantly seem to lead to “strong, healthy, intelligent children, and active, vital elders, generation after generation.”

According to Dr. Shanahan, your family genetics do not have to determine your health, and you can actually change your DNA for the better through food.  If you’ve been interested in finding a diet that’s more about health than restriction, Deep Nutrition is for you. Buy the Book Here >>

How to Hygee: The Secrets of Nordic Living

Top 10 Wellness Books by GreenBlender, How To Hygee

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”) is a Danish term for comfort and well-being, and this New York Times bestseller explains how to incorporate Hygge into your daily life by doing things like creating a cozy home, focusing on togetherness, turning of electronics, and finding more joy.

Why are Danish people some of the happiest people in the world? How to Hygee aims to figure that out. (Spoiler Alert: a lot of candlelight and cozy blankets are involved.) Buy the Book Here >>

Own It: The Power of Women at Work

Top 10 Wellness Books by GreenBlender, Own It

Author and Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck spent most of her life in a career traditionally overcrowded with men, and is now focused on helping women rise through the ranks of any job they choose. Own It is all about helping women “embrace and invest” in the innate strengths of being female, as well as helping to bring those strengths “proudly and unapologetically, to work.” 

If you’re been searching for the motivation to get back to work, change jobs, or simply go after your big dreams, Krawcheck has written the book to get you going! Buy the Book Here >>

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Top 10 Wellness Books by Greenblender, tidying up

Could cleaning out your closet really change your life for the better? This #1 New York Times best-selling book by Marie Kondo says yes! Kondo takes readers step by step through her successful KonMari Method for cleaning up their life and their stress, urging them to only keep the things that “spark joy.”

According to Kondo, a tidy home can create a “calm, motivated mindset,” which in turn can truly change your life. Motivate yourself, and create a brand new closet in the process! Buy the Book Here >>

Eat Pretty Every Day

Top 10 Wellness Books by GreenBlender, Eat Pretty

Here at GreenBlender, we strongly believe that what you put in to your body eventually manifests itself outwardly, and Jolene Hart, the author of the short and sweet Eat Pretty Every Day, agrees. With 365 “bite-size daily readings” that delve into all the different benefits of “eating pretty,” Hart’s book will help you happily make the kinds of choices that benefit both your insides and your outsides. Buy the Book Here >>

10% Happier

Top 10 Wellness Books, 10 percent happier

If you’ve always wanted to try meditation but felt intimidated, or find yourself a little suspicious about all the ways it could really help, Dan Harris’ personal story is for you. After having a very public panic attack, Harris knew he had to find a way to live better, and came to meditation as a complete newbie. 10% Happier details all the ways the practice helped him, as well as delving into the very real neuroscience of it all.

Learn about the brain, read about someone’s true health journey, and pick up some tips and tricks to getting started with meditation, all at the same time. Buy the Book Here >>

Stretch: Unlock the Power of Less

Top 10 Wellness Books by GreenBlender, stretch

In this day and age, so many people are focused on having more: More money, more time, more choices…  But Rice University professor Scott Sonenshein doesn’t think more is necessarily the path to happiness. In his book Stretch, he explores how constraints, as well as having to make due with a little, can actually benefit everyone from CEOs to athletes to every day people.

Just because you weren’t born a millionaire doesn’t mean you can’t be widely successful, and this book proves it! Buy the Book Here >>

In Defense of Food

Top 10 Wellness Books by Greenblender, In Defense of Food

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” That’s the manifesto of writer and cook Michael Pollan, and the mindset he embraces in his New York Times bestseller In Defense of Food. According to Pollan, the more we seem to focus on nutrition, the less healthy we’re all actually becoming. In Defense of Food goes beyond the current fad diets to explore how eating simply — like our ancestors did — might just be the cure for everything that ails us.

If you’re not into the diet and weight loss mentality, but still want to be your healthiest self, you may really like everything Pollan has to say. Buy the Book Here >>

Quiet: The Power of Introverts

Top 10 Wellness Books by GreenBlender, Quiet

Do you consider yourself quiet? Do big crowds drain you of energy? Do you often feel overwhelmed at work or at big family gatherings? You may be an introvert, but according to this New York Times best seller by Susan Cain, being introverted may actually be able to help you in all areas of your life.

Filled with research and a ton of real life examples (many of them famous individuals), Cain makes being an introvert seem more than just “not bad” — but actually a blessing! Buy the Book Here >>

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