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9 Smoothie Recipes With Cherries

Reportedly enjoyed by everyone from Roman emperors to Henry VIII, cherries have a long history of being a prized and cherished fruit. With a season of June through August, cherries represent warm weather, summer sun, and of course, healthy eating.

Rich in beta carotene, vitamin C, and anthocyanins (flavanoids that give foods like blueberries their hue and may help with everything from cognitive function to fighting against cancer), cherries have a whole host of health benefits.

A great source of melatonin, cherries can help regulate our sleep/wake cycles, which means that daily consumption of unsweetened cherry juice or raw cherries may help you sleep better at night and wake easier in the morning.

The antioxidants in cherries have been shown to help ease soreness from a tough workout, and their high potassium levels can help to lower high blood pressure.

smoothie recipes with cherries by greenblender

Smoothie Recipes With Cherries

Because we’re such big fans of both the taste of cherries, and their health benefits, we put them in a lot of our summer smoothie recipes! And even if you’re reading this outside of cherry season, organic frozen cherries work just fine.

Here are some of our favorite smoothie recipes with cherries!

Apple Cherry Lemonade

Try this nutrient-filled smoothie instead of store-bought lemonade at your next BBQ! Thanks to anthocyanins (natural pigments that are also found in blueberries), Cherries are fantastic at lowering inflammation and easing aches and pains. Maqui berry adds a burst of antioxidant power, while tomatillos, rhubarb and apple bring a sweetness and a healthy serving of fiber. A half a lemon rounds everything out with an alkalizing burst of citrus. Low in calories and fat, this sweet treat is the perfect way to indulge without any guilt.

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Cherry Bomb

If you’re searching for a sweet, refreshing drink that will have you feeling good all day long, this smoothie has you covered. Cherries have been shown to help reduce inflammation and speed up muscle recovery, and also rank high in magnesium, a nutrient that helps with sleep / wake cycles. One of the most antioxidant-rich foods out there, maqui berry also contains calcium and iron. Mix these superfruits up with hydrating summer squash, tangy tomatillos, and fiber-rich dates, and you have a breakfast home run.

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Watermelon Cherry

As the unofficial fruit of summer, watermelon makes the perfect blended drink because of its high water content (as well as vitamin A and lycopene). Another summer favorite, cherries contain melatonin -- which helps to normalize sleep / wake patterns -- and have also been shown to reduce soreness. Add an apple for fiber, and maqui berry powder for loads of antioxidants, as well as vitamin C, calcium and iron, and you have the perfect nutritious drink to kick back with on a hot summer afternoon.

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Cherry Rhubarb Pie

Cherry season is short -- May through July -- so now is the time to eat as many of these healthy fruits as possible! Full of fiber, vitamin C, melatonin and antioxidants, cherries also contain anti-inflammatory compounds that help achy joints and overworked muscles. Maqui berries have more antioxidants than almost any other fruit, and the fiber in oats add depth to this light, refreshing smoothie. Very low in calories but high in fiber and vitamins K and C, rhubarb is a summer smoothie staple that helps keep your mind healthy (vitamin K is especially helpful to the brain) and your stomach satisfied.

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Chocolate Cherry Sundae

Cherries reduce inflammation, have been shown to support brain function, and may even reduce soreness after a long workout at the gym. Add some cacao powder, which fights cardiovascular disease; walnuts, which are full of healthy fats; banana, which delivers the potassium your body craves; collard greens, which replace much needed iron, calcium, magnesium, and a little bit of protein, and you’ve got an amazing (and amazingly tasty) pre or post workout snack.

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Watermelon Cherry Mint

Somehow we managed to combine every iconic summer flavor into one delicious drinkable.Have you ever had cherry tomatoes with actual cherries? Pair these with watermelon and it’s a pretty red hydration bomb! Pomegranate is one of nature’s biggest sources of antioxidants, with more of the cancer and inflammation fighters than red wine or green tea. Pumpkin seeds are rich in iron, which helps regenerate skin and stimulate blood flow for that healthy glow.

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Cherry Limeade

With cherries in season and the heat at full throttle, there isn't a better a time to try this refreshing cherry limeade. Packed with disease fighting cherries, creamy bananas and anti-inflammatory spinach this smoothie is sure energize your whole day. Smoothie contributed by Anna Gannon.

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Orange Cherry Blossom

Cherry season is upon us! That means tons of fresh cherries everywhere you look. Not only are these crimson delights delicious, they relieve arthritis and migraines due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, they help prevent premature aging. Yes, please!

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Dark Cherry Chocolate

This smoothie is so decadent you’ll forget that it’s actually good for you. While we usually save the chocolate covered cherries for Valentines day, we just said YOLO and added it to the list. Between the cherries and the raw cacao nibs, you will be in antioxidant heaven. No free radicals here.

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