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What Are Rose Hips by GreenBlender

What Are Rose Hips?

If you’re a GreenBlender customer, a regular at the local health food store, or an avid gardener, you may been familiar with rose hips. Forming as soon as the rose flower is pollinated in the spring, rose hips reach full bloom by late summer / fall, and look like little red balls on the tips of the plants’ stem. Inside these little balls are where the rose seeds hide!

More On Rose Hips

Health Benefits Of Rose Hips

With a flavor that can mostly be described as “slightly tart and rosy,” rose hips are completely edible (as long as you take care to eat ones that have not been treated with chemical pesticides).

Raw rose hips are some of the richest sources of natural vitamin C out there, making them great at helping to boost the immune system and keep wrinkles at bay.

They also have a nice serving of beta-carotene (another anti-wrinkle vitamin), lutein and lycopene (a phytonutrient that’s been studied for its cancer-fighting abilities).

study done in 2008 explored rose hip powder’s anti-inflammatory properties, and found there was “a small to moderate effect on pain” in osteoporosis patients.

Where to Buy Rose Hips

If you can’t find either dried rose hips or rose hip powder at your local health food store, we recommend Frontier’s certified organic rose hip powder.

Smoothie Recipes With Rose Hips

Rose hip powder adds a delicate floral essence to green smoothies, and a feeling of calm in the smoothie drinker! Here are our favorite smoothie recipes with rose hips.

Red Rose Lemonade

This sweet smoothie treat is the perfect inflammation fighter! In addition to possibly boosting stamina, beets contain betaine, a nutrient that helps protects cells from stress and keeps inflammation in check. Ginger also helps fight inflammation, as does lemon. An apple provides healthy fiber, and rose hips provide a calm, stomach soothing sensation. Treat your heart, mind and body right with this low calorie treat.

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Cucumber Ginger Detox

Drink green and clean with this delectable detox. Rosehips won’t go to your hips! The fruit of the rose flower contain 50% more vitamin C than oranges. Speaking of oranges, the sweet citrus is included in this recipe. Hydrating cucumber and spicy ginger are both great for the digestive system and fight inflammation. Superfood spinach is always a perfect smoothie addition!

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Apricot Island

Part of the stone fruit family, apricots are full of fiber and vitamins A, E, K and C, and have even been used as a holistic treatment for earaches. Rosehips, carrots and pineapple contain even more vitamin C, which means sipping on this sweet treat will make your face smooth and supple (and your immune system happy). Add in some coconut flakes for a bit of protein, fiber and iron, and you have a bright orange treat that will help you glow from the inside out.

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Mini Pepper Popper

Rose hips are the round part of the rose flower, just below the petals. They are often touted as having immune-boosting properties, but have also been used for centuries to ease digestion (making this smoothie perfect for an after-barbecue treat). With all the health benefits of their larger counterparts (vitamin C, vitamin A and iron), mini peppers are an adorable — and easier to blend — option for smoothies. An orange, half a lemon, and pineapple round out the immune-boosting powers of this smoothie, and help balance the taste of the mini peppers.

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Rose Beet

This classic detox combination gets a superfood twist with rose hips and mulberries. One of the few fruits that contain protein, mulberries are chock full of antioxidants, most specifically the antioxidant resveratrol, which has been shown to have positive “longevity” effects on your internal organs as well as skin. The round part of the rose flower just below the petals, rose hips are high in vitamin C, and are often used to treat a variety of stomach ailments.

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Kiwi Rose Petal

You can’t have an energized week without a little relaxation! If you’re looking for a smoothie that tastes exactly like a tropical vacation feels, this is the one for you. Dried rose buds provide a light, delicate taste that combines perfectly with potassium, copper and fiber-filled kiwi. Pears also have a delicate taste, but pack a punch of fiber, and swiss chard blends seamlessly into smoothies while providing tons of vitamin A, K and C. Calm your nerves, reset, and take a deep breath with this low-calorie breakfast.

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Apricot Rose Hips

Rose hips, as well as apples, are full of vitamin C — one of the main vitamins for general well being. Apricots and carrots have a healthy serving of beta-carotene, which protects your skin against the physical manifestations of stress like blemishes. Add in some natural pea protein for extra energy, and this sweet treat doubles as a mind and body replenisher capable of getting you through even the busiest of days!

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