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The Best Blender For Any Budget

Are you ready to take the plunge and dive into a healthy lifestyle? Do you want to take your health into your own hands? At GreenBlender, we give you everything you need to create delicious superfood smoothies at home. Well…everything but the blender!

Choosing the right blender can be overwhelming. We decided to stay true to our mission of making your health journey a little easier by breaking down the blender blunder. We’ve found the best blenders for big spenders, regular spenders, and those who are looking to stay within a budget. We’ve highlighted our top picks in each category, but feel free to read through all the options and make a choice that’s right for you.

Find your perfect machine and get blendin’!

High-End Blenders

The Best Blender For Any Budget, vitamix ascent

Vitamix Ascent Series

** Our Pick **

Price: starting at $469 (Shop now)

Special Features: Intuitive controls, timer, 10-year warranty.

Why Buy It? What other blender processes your recipe and stops blending when complete? Answer: No other!

With the Vitamix Ascent Series blenders, you’ve got a machine that basically makes a smoothie for you. Not only can it sense the container size you choose and adjust blending times as necessary, a built-in digital timer makes sure you get the perfect consistency every time. There’s also a 10-year warranty, which makes the rather expensive price tag worth it. After all, if you only need to buy one blender every 10 years, and you make one smoothie a day, that’s a pretty amazing deal!

The Best Smoothie Blender For Any Budget, kitchenaid

KitchenAid Pro Line Series Blender

Price: $600 (Shop now)

Special Features: Asymmetric patented stainless steel blades, self-cleaning, noise reduction, tamper.

Why Buy It? One of the latest high-end blenders on the market, customers claim it is quieter than Vitamix.

Consider yourself a smoothie pro? Then blend with the best using KitchenAid’s top-of-the-line blender. This powerful appliance may be expensive, but boasts a ton of fancy features. The stainless steel blades in this blender are a patented asymmetrical design, which basically means that all four blades in the motor are on four different levels. The subtle ingenuity in the placement of these blades allows for smoother and more consistent pulverizing of your ingredients.

You can blend the smoothest smoothies, the creamiest ice cream, or the butteriest butter with this baby. There’s 11 speeds to choose from, and a self-cleaning option. This blender also comes with its own tamper and claims to be quieter than the Vitamix! And last but not least, it includes a 10-year warranty.

The Best Smoothie Blender For Any Budget, Blendtec

Blendtec Designer Series Blender

Price: $499 (shop now)

Special Features: 1,560-watt with 3 peak horsepower direct-drive motor, self-adjusting speed, capacitive touch control.

Why Buy It? Expensive, but blending is made simple with this powerful and durable machine.

Only available on Amazon (this model has since been discontinued by Blendtec), the price tag is a bit more than the Vitamix, but this 1,560-watt countertop blender with 3 peak horsepower direct-drive motor is still a terrific buy for those who take their smoothie making seriously. Like the Vitamix, this blender is multi-functioning. Its ultra-hard, stainless steel blades are cold-forged, making them strong enough to blend even the toughest of ingredients.

Despite the power of this blender, the Blendtec allows you to blend without fear. With its self-adjusting speed, it carefully monitors and adjusts the power to deliver the necessary force for whatever ingredients you have in mind. Its motor also shuts itself down if it becomes overheated.

The Best Smoothie Blender For Any Budget, Vitamix

Vitamix 5200

Price: $450 (shop now)

Special Features: Variable speed setting, Round tamper, 1380-watt motor.

Why Buy It? It may be a bit expensive, but it’s considered the best blender on the market by Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping, and America’s Test Kitchen.

This high speed blender is for the hardcore smoothie lover. With a 1,380-watt motor, this machine can blend any concoction into a silky-smooth product. From fibrous fruits and veggies to raw nuts, this baby can do it all, no matter how tough. The versatility alone puts this blender leagues above the rest. With the Vitamix, you can do more than blend smoothies. You can make juices, ice cream, soups, salsa, dressing, pudding, mousse, peanut butter, and even easily crush ice. You can grind grains and knead bread dough.

Despite the complexity of this machine, the Vitamix is super simple to use. That’s mostly because of its variable speed setting, which allows you to adjust the power with a dial. You can start blending slowly, then increase the speed as you see necessary. This blender may be powerful, but you’ll feel like you’re in control.

The tamper in this blender is another feature that separates it from the competition. Don’t you hate when food gets stuck in the blade of a blender? The innovative round shape makes it so food doesn’t get stuck in any ridges or angles. The Vitamix offers a seven year warranty, so you know it can be trusted. Although you’ll be spending $450, blending and clean-up will be a breeze, and we think that’s definitely an investment worth making.

Mid-Range Blenders

The Best Smoothie Blender For Any Budget, Oster

Oster Versa 1400 Watt Oster VERSA Pro Performance Blender with Tamper

** Our Pick **

Price: $165 (shop now)

Special Features: Stainless steel blade, 1400-watt motor, three programmed settings, 64-ounce BPA-Free Tritan Jar.

Why Buy It? It’s less expensive than the Vitamix and almost as powerful.

Significantly cheaper than the Vitamix 5200, this baby not only blends fruit into smoothies, but is powerful enough to crush ice and grind nut butters. Because of its versatility, the Oster Versa will save you a ton of space in the kitchen. There’s no need to have a separate juicer or ice crush, the Versa can do it all.

The Versa also comes with a seven-year warranty, so you know this blender is strong and durable. This blender makes blending simple with three programmed settings: smoothie, soup, and dips/spreads. Easing the process even more is the stainless-steel blade that spins over 250 MPH.

The Best Smoothie Blender For Any Budget, Cleanblend

CleanBlend 3HP 1800 Watt Commercial Blender

Price: $200 (shop now)

Special Features: 64oz BPA free plastic jar, 5-year warranty, six stainless steel blades.

Why Buy It? It’s considered “commercial grade,” which means it’s more powerful than other blenders in its price range.

At 1800w, this blender is good enough for the pros. The 64oz BPA-free container is sturdy and virtually unbreakable. It also comes with its own tamper wand, which is a super useful item for any blender (if you want to get the most out of your blender, literally and figuratively, find one that comes with a tamper).

The CleanBlend blender also boasts a “6 blade system,” which definitely sets it apart, since six blades are the standard for most blenders. The powerful motor and unique system of blades are the keys to what make this blender “commercial grade,” so if you’re looking to match with the pros, this CleanBlend is a safe bet for the price. Unique and powerful, this blender shouldn’t disappoint (but if it does, it has a 5-year warranty).

The Best Smoothie Blender For Any Budget, Breville

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

Price: $177 (shop now)

Special Features: Electronic 5 speed control pulse, LCD timer, illuminated buttons, BPA-free.

Why Buy It? Simple to use with a lot of special features. High quality yet still relatively affordable.

This blender is a little more expensive than the Kitchen Aid5-speed blender, coming in at right around $177, but we think the added features make it worth the price. The Breville Hemisphere contains an electronic 5-speed control pulse, ensuring that the rpm speed is maintained for consistent results. It also contains an LCD timer that counts up and down for pre-programmed settings, as well as pre-programmed ice crush and smoothie settings, which automatically alter speeds to improve blending results.

This blender also features illuminated buttons that make reading them easy — even if you’re making a smoothie first thing in the morning!

The Best Smoothie Blender For Any Budget, Kitchenaid 5 speed

Kitchen Aid 5-Speed Blender

Price: $100 (shop now)

Special Features: Intelli-speed motor, varied settings, stainless steel blade.

Why Buy It? It’s multipurposeful, small and inexpensive.

This blender retails at just $100. Although it doesn’t offer many special features, it definitely gets the job done. With its stainless steel blade, intelli-speed motor control, and varied settings, this blender can perform a variety of tasks.

We suggest this blender for people looking for something basic and who don’t need anything too fancy cluttering up their kitchen. To ease the blending process, add smoothie ingredients in increments. First pulverize your greens, then add your fruit to ensure a smoother finished product.

Budget Blenders

The Best Smoothie Blender For Any Budget, Nutribullet

Nutribullet Pro 900

** Our Pick **

Price: $99 (shop now)

Special Features: 900 watt motor, hardcover recipe book included.

Why Buy it? For $99 you get a 15-piece set, including three different cup sizes and three different blades.

The Nutribullet (or Magic Bullet) is a sure bet if you’re looking for a compact, personal blender. At 900 watts, the motor on this model is more powerful than some full-sized blenders! This appliance is travel friendly, powerful without being bulky, and dishwasher safe.

The 15-piece “Pro” set also comes with several cups (up to 32oz), lids, and an extra set of Nutribullet’s patented stainless steel extractor blades. Even though it only has one speed, you might say being single-speed is just another part of its charm and simplicity. There’s no programmable settings, functions, or dials to experiment with or distract you from your goal: Push, Twist, Blend, Done. The ultimate time and space saver.

The Best Smoothie Blender For Any Budget, BlackNDecker

Black and Decker Fusion Blade with Personal Smoothie Jar

Price: $55 (shop now)

Special features: Dual setting 4-speed motor (700w), two-year warranty, personal jar and measuring cup lid.

Why Buy It? It’s affordable, powerful, and comes with a travel jar for smoothies on the go!

This 4-speed 700w blender is at a perfect price for what it includes, and feels like a classic. The 48oz jar is high quality glass, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and very sturdy. As for the functionality, you’ll feel totally in control when you drive the powerful stainless steel blades at their various settings. You may even want to try this blender’s special “smoothie” setting. That’s right, there’s a pre-programmed one-touch smoothie setting!

The Black and Decker is the confidence booster of budget blenders. It comes with a travel bottle if you prefer to take your smoothie on the go, and we’re also impressed by its elegant spout/lid that doubles as a measuring cup (1oz). Portioning ingredients directly into your blender has never been so easy.

The Best Smoothie Blender For Any Budget, Ninja

Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004

Price: $47 (shop now)

Special Features: Interchangeable 450 watt power pod, three different sized containers.

Why Buy It? You want a blender that gets the job done, but you’re on a tight budget.

This blender is perfect for people on a budget. At just under $50, it’s extremely powerful and efficient. Fibrous greens like kale are no match for this Ninja! Thanks to its interchangeable 450 Watt Power pod, you can say goodbye to lumpy smoothies once and for all, no matter the size of the dish you’re creating.

The Ninja comes equipped with three different sized containers, and the power pod can be used in all of them without the necessity of cleaning blades, which makes clean up just as easy as set up. Adding to the ease, each jar is equipped with anti-spill splashguards. You can sip easy once more, and your wallet won’t take too hard of a blow.