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vanilla almond blueberry with silk smoothie recipe

5 Smoothie Recipes Perfect for a BBQ

Memorial Day (Monday, May 29th) is the unofficial kickoff to summer, and if you’re planning a big Memorial Day barbecue — or even just a summer full of barbecues — we’ve got the perfect smoothie recipes to toast to the season!

We’ve partnered with Silk, the makers of organic, GMO-free nut milks, to create a box that’s refreshing, low in calories, and full of warm weather produce like blueberries, mini peppers, peaches and rose hips. Fire up the grill and pour yourself something nice and cold – and delicious!

Vanilla Almond Blueberry with Silk

Nothing says warm weather quite like blueberries, and when they’re combined with rich, creamy Silk vanilla almond milk, they create a smoothie milkshake that’s the perfect dessert for a summer barbecue! Silk Unsweetened Vanilla almond milk is organic, GMO-free, and an excellent source of calcium. It also contains zero grams of sugar per serving. Blueberries are low in sugar as well, and contain proanthocyanidins, potent antioxidants that have been connected to prolonged, healthier brain function. Banana is rich in potassium and magnesium, maqui berry is an antioxidant powerhouse, and zucchini is rich in B vitamins. Toast to the summer with this sweet, refreshing snack!

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Mini Pepper Popper

Rose hips are the round part of the rose flower, just below the petals. They are often touted as having immune-boosting properties, but have also been used for centuries to ease digestion (making this smoothie perfect for an after-barbecue treat). With all the health benefits of their larger counterparts (vitamin C, vitamin A and iron), mini peppers are an adorable — and easier to blend — option for smoothies. An orange, half a lemon, and pineapple round out the immune-boosting powers of this smoothie, and help balance the taste of the mini peppers.

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Lemon Peach Rhubarb

Rhubarb and peach are traditional summer pie ingredients, so we decided to combine them into a bright, healthy smoothie. Both rhubarb and apple are high in fiber, ginger is full of anti-inflammatory antioxidants, peaches are bursting with complexion-loving vitamin A, swiss chard has a nice serving of both vitamin K and magnesium, and walnuts around everything out with healthy Omega-3s and vitamin E. Get your summer barbecue dessert fix with this low calorie smoothie, skin-beautifying snack!

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Green Cucumber Mint

In addition to being a great anti-inflammatory (and a natural aid for sore muscles), mint is a traditional palate cleanser, which means this smoothie is perfect for a satiating snack before lunch or dinner. Low in fat, sugar and calories, but with a healthy amount of vitamin C, fiber, magnesium and vitamin K, this light drink is a great way to keep yourself energized and satisfied.

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Mangosteen Morning

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit known for being high in fiber and low in calories, as well as having a good serving of vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. There have also been a few studies highlighting this delicate fruit’s ability to help fight against cancer, as well as its immune-boosting effects. Kiwis have about five times the amount of vitamin C found in an orange, and spinach is full of vitamin C and vitamin A. Get your immune system revved up while toasting to warm weather with this tropical, fruity smoothie!

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