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pina banana smoothie recipe

5 Smoothie Recipes That Celebrate Warm Weather

As soon as the weather starts to really warm up, there’s bound to be some stress about achieving the perfect “bathing suit body.” The trick to getting this stress under control? Realizing there’s nothing to stress about! Every body is a bathing suit body, and fitting into a specific size of clothing isn’t as important as feeling your best.

This week, our smoothies not only celebrate warmer weather with late spring ingredients like rhubarb, strawberries and green almonds, but are mostly low in calories and fat, helping you maintain a healthy diet while becoming the best version of you, whatever size that is!

Pina Banana

Pineapple, banana and unsweetened shredded coconut combine to create a delicious island flavor (as well as add potassium, magnesium, vitamin C and healthy fats), while lucuma helps to sweeten everything up without adding additional sugar. Mild collard greens round things out with a serving of vitamins K and A, making this smoothie a healthy version of everyone’s favorite tropical drink, the pina colada.

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Green Almond Apple

What an almond looks like if it’s picked before it reaches full maturity, green almonds have the same health benefits and a lightly floral, citrusy taste. When blending, just rinse your green almonds and toss them right in the blender – no peeling required! The rest of the ingredients in this light, green drink provide ample vitamins and minerals (fiber, vitamins K, C and A, omega-3s and antioxidants, to name a few), but very little calories or fat. Roll out your warmer weather wardrobe with confidence while sipping on this digestion-loving drink.

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Citrus Rhubarb

Rhubarb (which many believe is a fruit but is actually classified as a vegetable) is a warm weather staple, and is full of fiber, vitamin K and calcium. Combining its slightly tangy taste with a lime (vitamin C), pear (fiber) and cantaloupe (magnesium and B vitamins) results in a sweet/tart smoothie base. Chia seeds and swiss chard add even more vitamins, fiber and healthy fats, which means that this light drink will help keep you energized and satisfied all day long.

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Strawberry Custard

The immune-boosting combination of sweet strawberries (vitamin C, iodine, manganese), creamy squash (magnesium, fiber, folate) and cashews (vitamins E, K and B6), and the “topping” of anti-inflammatory cinnamon, iron heavy mulberries, and heart-healthy oats creates a smoothie that tastes sweet enough to be a dessert, but is healthy enough to drink for breakfast!

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Sweet and Sour Beet

Regular consumption of beets may inhibit the growth of certain types of cancers, help blood flow more freely through the body (lowering blood pressure and protecting against heart disease), and even increase athletic performance. Grapes contain polyphenols, powerful antioxidants which also fight against cancer. Add in some potent anti-inflammatory power from ginger, cholesterol-lowering walnuts, and vitamin C from an orange, and you’ve got the perfect morning meal.

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