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11 Plant-Based Recipes That Welcome Spring

With its plentiful produce, brighter days, and promise of warmer weather, spring is always a welcome season. For many of us, it’s a time when we pack up our sweaters, bring out the shorts, and comb through our kitchens for something light and refreshing to eat.

It’s not always easy to find recipes that both taste great and are good for you, but we’ve combed through the internet to find just that very thing — with a spring twist! Whether you’re a vegan, or just like eating like one occasionally, these 11 recipes will have you feeling as fresh as a spring daisy on a warm afternoon.

Spring Vegetable Vegan Paella

Plant-Based Recipes That Welcome Spring, paella

With the addition of spring vegetables like mushrooms, asparagus and artichokes, this vegan paella has all the taste of the traditional dish while still staying plant-based. Saffron, soy sauce, and sundried tomatoes add depth of flavor — especially when allowed to simmer for a few hours on the stove. Click here for recipe >>

Avocado Basil Pesto Zucchini Noodles

Plant-Based Recipes That Welcome Spring, pesto

The best spring meals are the ones that give you energy while still helping you feel light and refreshed, and this take on pesto pasta is gluten-free (thanks to zucchini noodles) and full of good fats (thanks to half an avocado), but low on carbs. There’s also the traditional pesto (garlic, pine nuts and basil) and a few cherry tomatoes to brighten things up. Click here for recipe >>

Mini Herbed Tofu Burgers With Green Spring Salad

Plant-Based Recipes That Welcome Spring, tofu burgers

Tofu is one of the most versatile foods out there, and if you make sure to buy organic and non-GMO, you can truly get all the  protein you need — even on a plant-based diet. These bite-sized “burgers” are made with tahini and ground almonds, as well as a bunch of delicious spring spices, which create a crunchy, satisfying snack or meal. Combine these cute vegan burgers with a salad that features smooth avocado and asparagus, and this simple meal will highlight all your taste buds! Click here for recipe >>

Beet Chickpea Burgers With Harissa Spread

Plant-Based Recipes That Welcome Spring, beet burger

As soon as warm weather hits everyone wants to throw burgers on the grill, and while these burgers are actually baked, they’ll help you celebrate warm nights in style. Beets, rice, chickpeas and quinoa make up the bulk of these burgers, giving them a good amount of both fiber and protein — and a beautiful color. If you’re looking for ways to get more veggies in your life, and enjoy a delicious burger while you’re at it, this is the perfect meal. Click here for recipe >>

Strawberry Avocado Spinach Salad

Plant-Based Recipes That Welcome Spring, strawberry spinach salad

Strawberry spinach salad is a pretty iconic late spring / summer dish, but when you add avocado to the mix, you get a light salad that truly fills you up and gives your body energy to get through the day. More healthy fat and antioxidants from pecans round things out, along with some healthy protein and calcium from goat cheese. Click here for recipe >>

Spinach Sesame Crackers

Plant-Based Recipes That Welcome Spring, spinach crackers

If you’re looking for ways to get more spinach into your life (besides the occasional salad), these vegan spinach sesame crackers should do the trick! With only a few ingredients you can make a hearty snack that goes perfectly with hummus or a side of veggies. Eating light (and green) has never tasted so good. Click here for recipe >>

White Bean and Artichoke Vegan Sandwich Filling

Plant-Based Recipes That Welcome Spring, artichoke and hummus

What’s more “spring like” than a picnic in the park? With these delicious, protein-filled white bean and artichoke sandwiches, you can toast to warmer weather – literally.  Instead of chicken or tuna salad, try a recipe that includes cashews, artichokes hearts, white beans and sunflower seeds. The consistency will be about the same, you’ll be eating completely plant-based, and you’ll be filling up on vitamins and healthy fats. Click here for recipe >>

Spring Vegetable Pot Pie

Plant-Based Recipes That Welcome Spring, pot pie

With traditional spring flavors and ingredients like fresh peas, asparagus and fennel, as well as a vegan crust and tofu instead of chicken or beef, this plant-based pot pie is perfect for a spring gathering – or when you want a little bit of comfort food. Click here for recipe >>

Coconut Pudding With Fresh Fruit (Haupia)

Plant-Based Recipes That Welcome Spring, coconut pudding

The best kind of desserts are the kind that satisfy a sweet craving without weighing you down, and this delicious and creamy dairy free pudding is that perfect combination. Coconut milk and corn starch combine to make a nice, thick consistency, and vanilla bean, along with fresh fruit, give this desert a pop of flavor without any unnecessary processed sugar. Click here for recipe >> 

Dessert Spring Rolls

Plant-Based Recipes That Welcome Spring, spring rolls

At once completely simple and completely elegant, these dessert spring roles will make a splash at any spring party or event, but are easy enough to make when you’re craving something light and sweet. And the best part is, you can tailor them to whatever fruit is currently in season (and in the spring, that’s quite a lot!) Click here for recipe >> 

Raw Chocolate Fudge and Mandarin Orange Tart

Plant-Based Recipes That Welcome Spring, pie

A decadent dessert that’s both vegan and raw? We’ve found it! With ingredients like dates, cocoa butter, cacao, maple syrup and cashews, you can create a deliciously dark chocolate treat while still staying completely plant based. It may take a bit of preparation, but trust us when we say it’s worth it! Click here for recipe >>