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Whole Turmeric Benefits And The Roots of Temple Turmeric, main

Whole Turmeric Benefits And The Roots of Temple Turmeric

What would you do if one day you woke up discovered your life’s purpose? If you’re Daniel Sullivan, the founder and CEO of Temple Turmeric, you would turn it into a sustainable, conscious business.

Sullivan is dedicated to living a balanced, mindful life, and his company is a reflection of that. Since 2008, Temple Turmeric has been producing wellness drinks from whole root turmeric, one of the most scientifically studied superfoods in the world.

We caught up with Sullivan to ask him how he discovered “what he wanted to be when he grew up,” how whole foods not only affect our personal health but the world at large, and some of the amazing benefits of turmeric itself.

How did you personally discover the healing benefits of turmeric?

I first discovered turmeric in 2008 while working on an organic farm in Maui. It was a serendipitous and life changing experience working the land and eating fresh Hawaiian turmeric right of the ground at harvest. Turmeric is an adaptogenic herb used for thousands of years to access optimal wellness. I was blown away by this wonder food and realized my calling in life was to facilitate that same connection to the ancient healing superfood. Just to name a few, the benefits of fresh turmeric include inflammation management, supporting the body’s natural defenses, supporting flexibility, repairing the body post-workout, and clearing brain fog!

Why did you decide to build a company around it?

I saw a need in the marketplace for products with a convenient and approachable way to experience turmeric, and a cold pressed beverage was the perfect expression.

This transformational food had been used for thousands of years, across cultures, as an integral thread of life, contributing to the healthy living of millions across the globe. Simply put, turmeric is a health giving nutritional powerhouse and it needed to be shared. We set out to unlock the transformational power of turmeric and share this magical ingredient with the world. We remain passionately dedicated to our founding philosophy of celebrating the Body as a Temple, and serving as a beacon for optimal health and awareness through the powerful benefits of organic drinkable turmeric.

temple turmeric and the benefits of whole root turmeric

In your opinion, how important is diet when it comes to overall health?

Conscious diet and healthy choices around organic foods have an impact on bodily functions and performance. More importantly, our diet and decisions impact how we grow and adapt to the world around us —> how our genetic makeup evolves and how we leave this planet behind us.

Organic food choices also impact the overall health of our soil and its sustainability for generations to come – just one of the reasons we are so passionate about our products. Everything in there is organic, origin verified, and delivers a positive impact on our bodies and the world around us.

Is there a benefit to eating whole turmeric root, as opposed to powdered turmeric or supplements?

Yes! Whole-root turmeric is more easily absorbed. The more processing a food goes through, the harder it is for the body to absorb. Whole-root turmeric is closer to the source and as close to the way that nature provided food as you can get. All this means that nutrients are maintained, minimally processed and easily absorbed in our products.

When you process turmeric, you lose the essential turmeric oils, which make up 6-9% of the rhizome. Turmeric oil makes curcumin more bioavailable. The best way for the body to process this powerful ingredient is with the oils in whole-root format.

Supplements and powders process out the oils that help absorption, leaving you with a product that is not well absorbed by the body. A percentage of curcumin, the key active ingredient, is also lost in processing.

Whole root turmeric features a lovely aroma that supplements and powders lack. But just as important a reason to use it in its pure, raw form is controlling what additives are included in processed versions.

What’s one benefit of turmeric that most people don’t know?

Adaptogens like turmeric help your body naturally acclimate to changing environments. These protective herbs have evolved over thousands of years to support and improve the body’s ability to stay in balance and function optimally during times of stress. One benefit that most people don’t know about turmeric is that it is that it protects cells from harmful radiation!

As a busy founder of a large company, how do you create internal calm?

As a busy founder, the best way that I decompress is with mindfulness throughout my day. My best secret is that I really make an effort to meditate each day. Partnered with mindful breath work and a regular yoga practice, and I am able to take on whatever the day brings me!