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taste nirvana pineapple coco-mint smoothie recipe

5 Smoothie Recipes For Healthy Hydration

Chapped lips, chapped hands, thirsty skin… mid-winter can be extremely hard on our bodies, which is why, this week, we’re sending a little bit of nirvana in our smoothie boxes.

Taste Nirvana, a multi-generational Thai family-owned company focused on environmentally safe production and conscious business practices, is a taste of heaven — especially when you consider that their all natural coconut water (which is produced within hours of harvesting the coconuts) is GMO, pesticide and preservative free (packaged in BPA-free cans). Each recipe in this blissful box is designed to nourish and hydrate, rejuvenating your skin, your nervous system, and your mood!

Taste Nirvana Pineapple Coco-Mint

Thanks to naturally occurring electrolytes, coconut water is one of the best ways to hydrate your body as well as your skin. Taste Nirvana, a multigenerational family business that takes pride in creating some of the best tasting, most environmentally-friendly coconut water out there (their water is produced within hours of harvesting the coconuts), not only adds a touch of island flair to this smoothie, but 400mg of potassium per serving. Inflammation-lowering mint adds a cooling effect, pineapple boosts the vitamin C content, flax seeds add natural protein and fiber, and swiss chard adds muscle building vitamins K and A. Stay hydrated and energized all day with this low calorie, low fat snack.

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Carrot Apple Protein

A nutritionally complete meal replacement, this smoothie is not only full of healthy protein and fiber (thanks to the avocado and scoop of vegan pea protein), it has more than half of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C. In addition to antioxidants and fiber, apples are hydrating fruits, containing 84 percent water by weight. Pro tip: For an extra creamy smoothie, or if you don’t have a high-powered blender, lightly steaming the carrots for a few minutes will help them blend quickly and smoothly.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

Searching for a sweet treat that keeps you feeling hydrated and energetic? This smoothie is it. Both pear and avocado are great for natural skin hydration (thanks to vitamin C, potassium, and healthy Omega-3s), and peanut butter and cacao provide healthy fat, protein, antioxidants, and iron -- all essential ingredients for natural energy production. Add in a banana for potassium and electrolytes, and dates for natural sweetness, and you have a high fiber, high protein treat that will keep you feeling invigorated without any unwanted sugar crashes.

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Honey Pomegranate Twist

Researchers have found that regular consumption of kiwi provides a “significant” protective effect against respiratory diseases, and the high vitamin C content makes it a significant immune booster as well. Punicalagin, a compound found only in pomegranates, has been shown to benefit the heart and blood vessels, and pomegranates have some of the highest antioxidant levels of any food. The combination of a high water content and potassium makes honeydew melon a great way to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Blend with heart-healthy cashews to make an antioxidant-rich drink that will keep you glowing (and going) all day long.

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Orange Ginger

Often used to treat digestive issues or travel-related nausea, ginger is also a potent anti-inflammatory. In fact, daily consumption of ginger may reduce gym-related muscle soreness. Mesquite powder is a natural sweetener that adds a caramel-like flavor without any extra sugar, and hemp seed is a fantastic vegan source of Omega-3s. Blend up those plant-based superfoods with nutritious spinach (vitamins A and K), tangerines (vitamin C and folate), and bananas (iron, potassium and fiber), and you’ll look as renewed and refreshed as if you’ve just come home from a tropical retreat.

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