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cranberry hibiscus smoothie

5 Rich And Healthy Smoothie Recipes

A lot of people think “healthy food” has to taste bland, but that’s just not the case! This week, we’ve created smoothies that have a rich, vibrant flavor profile, but are still low fat, and have all the nutrients and minerals you’d expect from something “good for you.”

Ingredients like pea protein, coconut, nuts and butternut squash are perfect non-dairy options for thickening smoothies, and these recipes incorporate them all.

Persimmon Protein

Hemp seeds are a “perfect protein,” which means they not only contain 20 different amino acids, but nine of the essential amino acids our bodies don’t produce on their own, and that we need for healthy muscles and metabolism. Pea protein is also rich in amino acids, is generally low fat, and may even help control blood sugar spikes. Combine those superfoods with vitamins K, A and C from spinach, potassium and magnesium from banana, and vitamin A plus fiber from a persimmon, and you have a rich, creamy smoothie that’s still low in calories, sugar and fat.

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Cranberry Hibiscus

Because of its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, hibiscus (a flower that is common in both tropical and subtropical climates) has been connected to lowered blood pressure and lowered cholesterol. Cranberries, cucumber and mint are also great anti-inflammatory agents, which means this low calorie smoothie is perfect for active lifestyles. And thanks to the fiber from an apple, collards and flaxseed, you’ll feel full and satisfied for hours after drinking!

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Coconut Pecan

A great natural source of energy (due to healthy fat, protein and fiber), coconut flakes are the perfect way to get a decadent, creamy smoothie without using dairy. Pecans (which have the highest antioxidant capacity of any nut), also pack a dose of healthy fat and protein. And thanks to chard (vitamins K and A), a pear (fiber and beta-carotene), and grapes (cancer-fighting polyphenols), this sweet drink is also packed with nutrients.

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Spiced Butternut Squash

A rich, sweet drink that will get your skin glowing and your body revved up for a long day, this pumpkin pie in a glass is full of healthy fat from coconut and walnuts, and tons of vitamin C thanks to an orange and mango. Butternut squash is the perfect smoothie thickening agent (because of its light taste and creamy texture, not to mention its fiber and beta-carotene), and cinnamon helps with blood sugar spikes. No matter what’s on your calendar, this smoothie will help you achieve it all!

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Superfruit Refresh

Need to press “reboot” on your weekly diet? This smoothie is bursting with vitamin C, fiber and healthy fat (thanks to a pear, orange and cashews). It’s also got noni fruit, an odd-looking fruit that grows in most tropical regions and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Replace your morning OJ with this superfruit blend, and feel bright and energetic all day long!

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