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Stop Counting Calories and Start Counting Nutrients

At Green Blender, we believe that our bodies thrive on whole, natural, unprocessed foods. Amazing things can happen when we nourish our bodies with high quality food and relieve ourselves of the burden that is counting calories. So give your brain a break from all that counting, and give your body what it is truly hungry for.

Stop Counting Calories and Start Counting Nutrients-Green Blender

Not All Calories Are Created Equal

A calorie is simply a unit of energy. But, we must understand that not all calories are not created equal. Highly processed foods require less energy to be broken down in our bodies than whole foods. They supply us with inadequate nutrients and leave us hungry and sluggish shortly after consumption. Think about this: You can eat a candy bar or a smoothie with the same number of calories. The smoothie will supply your body with energy and nutrients to function optimally, while the candy bar will give you with a short burst of energy, insufficient nutrients, and more cravings for unhealthy food.

Counting Calories Is Boring

Does anyone really like math? And even if you do, it’s safe to say that math and food do not compliment each other. Although calorie counting is often seen as a healthy form of dieting, it can actually lead to over-restriction and an unhealthy obsession with weight and numbers. Denying your body the food it needs, doesn’t make you stronger or increase your willpower. If you’re anything like me, it will make you tired, cranky and the #1 person to avoid at any social gathering.

Silencing your body’s cravings doesn’t only turn you into a grouch, but it may slow down your metabolism. This is because your body is forced to function on inadequate energy. Not only this, but deprivation can lead to overindulgence down the line. Eating whole, natural, unprocessed foods allows you to feel satisfied without compromising your health. At Green Blender we believe it’s best to listen to your body, and with smoothies like peanut butter cup and caramel apple, you won’t feel like you’re denying yourself one little bit.

Intuitive Eating

stop counting calories and start counting nutrients

It’s all a matter of learning to trust your body. We know this is easier said than done, but the human body is pretty miraculous. Once you nourish it properly, you will stabilize your blood sugar levels, reduce cravings for processed foods, and learn to monitor your satiety. Intuitive eating is a process, be patient and the results will amaze you.

Did you know that low-calorie packaged foods are loaded with junk? To compensate for lack of calories, many low-calorie packaged foods are full of harmful additives, like extra sugar, artificial sweeteners, emulsifiers, and preservatives.. When consumed in lieu of fresh, vibrant, whole foods for the sake of known calorie content, you trade true health over control. You trade GMOs and artificial sweetener for healthy fats, fiber, and protein.

Don’t Fear the Fat

Stop Counting Calories and Start Counting Nutrients-Green Blender

On the road to nutrition, it is important that you drop the notion that fat is bad. When counting calories, fat is a much feared nutrient. However, fat is necessary for the body, and some types even help it thrive. Saturated fat, like the kind in french fries and potato chips is much different than the fat, say, avocados. Unsaturated fats like the ones in olive oil, coconuts, avocados, nuts, and seeds can actually boost your heart health. They also leave you feeling fuller for longer.

Eat the Rainbow

Stop Counting Calories-Green Blender

Finally, a great way to monitor nutrient consumption is to eat a wide variety of colors. Vibrant fruits and vegetables will color your plate, bowl, or glass and give your body the fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients it needs.

Make Eating Fun

Healthy Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie Recipe by Green Blender

With smoothies that taste like almond joy, or banana split, it is practically impossible to not enjoy what you’re eating. And, to be able to do so with complete faith in the ingredients, will have you eating without fear or a guilty conscience. So put down the calculator, and pick up an almond snickers smoothie instead. It’s simpler and definitely tastes better.