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The Healthiest People In The US Don't Diet by Green Blender

The Healthiest People In The US Don’t Diet

Even though commercials and a myriad of products would have you believe otherwise, the secret to maintaining a healthy weight may be to never diet — and to always eat breakfast.

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The Global Healthy Weight Registry, which is basically a database full of people who have been a healthy weight since birth (gaining or losing only about five to 10 pounds over the course of the lives), is run by the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab. Researchers from the lab recently put out a bunch of data regarding the habits of these extremely healthy people (147 in all), and one of the most surprising findings was that nearly half (48 percent) of the participants said they don’t diet at all, while three quarters say they diet only “rarely.”

They do a lot of other healthy things, however. Ninety percent of the participants say they’re “conscious” of what they eat and claim to work out, with 42 percent saying they work out four to five times a week. Around 96 percent of participants said they ate breakfast of some kind, 65 percent said they ate some kind of vegetable with dinner, and 61 percent said that chicken was their “favorite meat.”

The Healthiest People In The US Don't Diet by Green Blender, vegetables

Researchers think that additional “non-restrictive” behavior like eating meals at home rather than at restaurants, choosing to eat salad once a day, and listening to their body to tell them when they’re hungry and when they’re full are other strategies that have kept these particular people in such good health for so long.

Yes, having good genes definitely helps, but it’s pretty common knowledge that for most people, restricting leads to overeating later. Slowly replacing prepackaged foods with more produce, nuts and lean meats, finding a type of exercise that you enjoy, and learning the intricacies of your own body may just be more effective in the long-term than any diet — and much more enjoyable!

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