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5 Awesome Benefits Of Eating Beets

If you’re a connoisseur of green smoothies and green juices, you’ve probably had raw beet juice before. A naturally sweet vegetable, beets are often added to “detox” drinks to bring a bright burst of natural sugar — but beets are more than a side dish. In fact, they may be one of the healthiest choices you make during the week!

Health Benefits of Beets

They’ve Been Around For Centuries (And Centuries)

Researchers believe that beets have been around since Prehistoric times, originating in North America and the seashores of Asia and Europe. Way back when, beet greens were the popular part of the plant, until the ancient Romans came around and started cultivating the root.

Beets started to become popular around the 16th century, and became even more coveted in the 19th century after it was discovered that they were a good source of sugar.

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They’re Proven Cancer Fighters

Scientists have found that daily consumption of beet juice may in fact inhibit the grow of certain cancers, including leukemia, lung and skin cancer.

They Help Your Blood, And Brain

Beets contain nitrates, and those nitrates help to improve nitric oxide , which aids blood vessels in dilation. When our blood vessels are nice and open, blood can flow more freely throughout the body, helping to lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease.

Another pro to increased nitric oxide in our blood is the resulting improvements to the brain. A study published in 2010 shows how the regular consumption of beet juice helps blood flow to parts of the brain that are regularly affected by dementia.

Strawberry Beet Refresh Smoothie Recipe

They Fight Degenerative Diseases

Betalains, a special type of antioxidants found in beets, aid in detoxification, and have even been shown to decrease “oxidative stress markers.” The less oxidative stress you have, the harder it is for chronic degenerative diseases to take hold.

They Improve Your Performance At The Gym

A study done in 2012 explored how the nitrates in beet juice measurably improved athletic performance, specifically, the “perceived exertion” of runners. Another study found that  consumption of beet juice actually helped enhance “explosive force production” (or muscle contraction), meaning that it may also help those athletes who lift weights or sprint on a regular basis.

The best way to get the full health benefits from beets is to eat them raw, so incorporating them into a smoothie is a perfect idea. If you want to try beets on a weekly basis without a lot of hassle, join Green Blender today!