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how to drink less and still have fun by greenblender

How To Drink Less And Still Have Fun

Social drinking is an integral part of our society, and most people are pretty responsible when it comes to their nightly glass of wine or a few cocktails out with friends. But if you’ve been thinking of cutting back on your alcohol consumption for whatever reason (health, money, medical issues, etc), there are ways to do it while still having fun with your coworkers, friends and family.

how to drink less and still have fun by green blender, cheers

Go 1 For 1

If you’re looking to cut down on the amount you drink when you’re out with friends, consider the “1 for 1” rule. For every alcoholic drink you consume, make sure you consume a whole glass of water afterward. So your night might look something like this: One vodka cranberry, one glass of water, one vodka soda, one glass of water. The 1 for 1 rule keeps you hydrated and much less susceptible to getting really tipsy, which allows you to skip a hangover all together! You’ll also spend a lot less money.

Offer To Be The DD

Even though Designated Drivers are a very important part of a night out, a lot of people hem and haw about being one. Sticking with seltzer while everyone else is drinking doesn’t have to be seen as a buzzkill. In fact, the more you volunteer to be your group’s DD, the happier your friends will probably be, thus making your night awesome and your relationships much tighter. Plus, nothing should help you stick to your goals like the personal safety of people you care about.

how to drink less and still have fun by green blender, seltzer

Set Up A Piggy Bank

Every time you go out and either order less alcohol than normal, or resist from ordering any, make a mental note about how much money you’re saving. Then, put that money into a jar. We promise, you’ll be astounded by how much is in your piggy bank by the end of the month! Use those extra funds to plan a short vacation, or buy yourself an item you wouldn’t normally purchase.

Download An App

Downloading an App like Drink Control can help make things like “moderate” consumption and calories very clear. Since most people aren’t super sure how many drinks constitute a “moderate” amount (especially when  you mix liquors), an App like this one, which creates weekly or monthly charts, help you see exactly how much liquor you regularly consume, as well as how many extra calories you’re taking in.

how to drink less and still have fun by green blender, money

Grab A “Pretend” Drink

One of the hardest parts of abstaining from drinking is the peer pressure you may feel when you go out. Good-natured teasing and raised eyebrows can sometimes whittle away at even the best of self-esteems, so if you want to keep your lowered consumption a secret, consider ordering a seltzer with cranberry, or a seltzer and tonic water combination. Even an nonalcoholic beer will do. Once your friends see you holding a drink that looks exactly like the ones they’re holding, they’ll be less likely to make a fuss over your choices, leaving you to drink your beverage of choice in peace.

There’s nothing wrong with social drinking, but there’s also nothing wrong with taking a break from anything that inhibits your body’s natural rhythms. And who knows, once you lower the amount or cut out alcohol all together, you might do what this guy did and suddenly accomplish a whole list of amazing things!

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