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Baobab, The Skin-Brightening Superfood by Green Blender

Baobab, The Skin-Brightening Superfood

If you haven’t heard of the African superfood baobab, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Baobab fruit and the powder made from it have been used for centuries in Africa to treat many illnesses like fever and maleria. With a taste characterized as “sweet, tangy” and “pear-like,” baobab’s medicinal qualities are perhaps best highlighted by its vitamin C content. Baobab contains “six times as much vitamin C as oranges,” and is currently considered one of the best foods in the world for those looking for a boost in vitamin C.

Because of its high doses of vitamin C, as well as its high doses of antioxidants, baobab is incredibly good for your skin. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that most anti-aging skincare products always claim they have. Instead of spending money on jar after jar of skin cream shilled by a celebrity who probably doesn’t even use it, try sipping on a smoothie infused with baobab a few times a week.

baobab, the vitamin c superf by Green Blender

Another interesting aspect to baobab’s high vitamin C content is that a few studies have found a link to high amounts of vitamin C in the body and the ability to burn fat more efficiently. Vitamin C may also help with glycemic response, which means that sugars and carbs are digested better.

When it comes to other vitamins and minerals, baobab has plenty.  Calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, and potassium are all contained in this superfruit, making it a great natural addition for those who deal with low iron issues or calcium deficiencies.

And one more thing — if your digestion hasn’t been working quite as well as you want it to, baobab is nature’s original laxative. In fact, “per 100 grams, baobab actually has more soluble fiber than psyllium, the active ingredient used in laxatives,” which means that a daily addition of a small serving of baobab powder should keep everything running very smoothly!

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