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Fit Guy Gives Up Sugar For 30 Days By Green Blender

What Happens When A Fit Guy Gives Up Sugar & Alcohol For 30 Days

Every October, Halloween season takes over grocery and drug stores, building aisles full of candy as far as the eye can see. If you’re a relatively fit person, you probably think nothing of having a few pieces of candy after dinner this month, or any month. The same goes for alcohol. A few drinks on the weekend shouldn’t hurt if you hit the gym during the week, right?

The thing is, while refined sugar (i.e the sugar that doesn’t exist naturally in fruits and vegetables) and most alcohol won’t completely derail your otherwise healthy lifestyle, it will certainly impact your daily life.

In this video by a duo of Dutch filmmakers, a relatively fit guy gives up all sugar and alcohol for a month. Perhaps the most surprising effect his new diet has on him is the emotional toll it takes. Sugar definitely has a stronger hold on us than we realize – even those of us who do everything else right.

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