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How to Cure a Hangover Naturally by Green Blender

How To Avoid A Hangover (Naturally)

Here at Green Blender, we’re pretty big fans of the saying “Everything in moderation.” Being too strict with yourself can make life feel rigid, and can also cause you to be known as The Boring One among your circle of friends.

While drinking in moderation should certainly be a priority for anyone interested in healthy living, going over our limit can happen every once in a while. And since it becomes harder and harder to bounce back from one too many tequila sunrises as we age, the impending hangover we may face can sometimes feel debilitating.

Happily, there are a few ways to avoid that nausea-and-ache feeling the morning after, and none of them include bypassing your favorite cocktail.

Go One For One

How To Avoid A Hangover (Naturally) by Green Blender, water

Alcohol dehydrates you. This is not news. So if you plan on having more than one drink, make sure that you’re matching each of those drinks with a glass of water. Have your gin and tonic, have a glass of water. Have a vodka cranberry, have another glass of water. This tactic will not only slow you down, it will alleviate a lot of the head pounding and dry mouth action that comes from alcohol-induced dehydration.

Stay Clear

How To Avoid A Hangover (Naturally)  by Green Blender, clear drinks

Even though science still hasn’t quite figured out what causes hangovers, it does seem pretty “clear” that sticking with straight alcohol is a lot better for you than filling up on a complicated, fruity cocktail. The added sugar will only make your headache, upset stomach and acid reflux much worse come morning.

Be High Class

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There are varying opinions on the role light or dark liquor plays in a hangover (some articles say dark liquor will make you sicker, others aren’t so sure), but most people are pretty much in agreement over the fact that top shelf liquors will leave you with less of a headache than well drinks. This is because the impurities from “poorly refined spirits” don’t react well at all with your body’s natural chemistry.

Emergen-C It

How To Avoid A Hangover (Naturally)  by Green Blender, Emergen C

Most people use this popular powdered drink mix for an immune boost because of its heavy dose of vitamin C, but Emergen-C is also full of electrolytes and B vitamins, two key things that your body desperately needs after a night spent at the bar – and it’s much better for you than a bottle of Gatorade.

When you come home, mix one packet with a glass of water and drink it down. The next morning, do the same thing. Your hangover should be vastly less than usual. (Trust us on this one. We’ve had a “friend” use this method more than once…)

Remember, a night spent dancing to “Don’t Stop Believing” on top of the bar can be fun, but getting home safely and waking up relatively┬ácognizant is even better. Drink responsibly, and treat your body with love!

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how to naturally avoid a hangover by GreenBlender