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Does Protein Powder Really Work? By Green Blender

Do Protein Powders Really Work?

There are literally hundreds of protein powders on the market. Whey protein, egg white protein, hemp protein, pea protein… whatever your taste or budget, something exists for you out there.

But the question remains: are they really worth it?

Conventional exercise wisdom says that consuming protein 30 minutes to two hours after working out is the optimal way to build lean muscle.

Are Protein Powders Worth it?

Is putting a scoop of powder in your green smoothie really better than eating a bunch of egg whites or deli meat?

Actually, yes. According to one study, protein powders slightly edge out whole food because the powders provide a source of amino acids that are more quickly absorbed into the body.

Another study illustrates that whey protein really does increase the growth of lean muscles over time (when consumed after vigorous exercise). And yet another study claims that drinking whey could actually increase your lifespan!

What To Look For in High Quality Protein Powder

The one thing to keep in mind when it comes to drinkable protein is that not every supplement is equal. Certain prepackaged proteins have been known to not only be full of sugar and odd chemicals, but arsenic, cadmium and lead.


Do Protein Powders Really Work? by Green Blender, smoothie

Obviously, good quads shouldn’t come at the price of ingesting literal poison.

Whenever possible, try to buy protein drinks and powders that have clear ingredients, and that stress either organic or all natural substances on the label.

Making your own protein smoothie is also a great idea (since you can fill it with fruits and vegetables to pack it with good carbs and minerals), but if you have to resort to something from the store, just be choosy about ingredients. If you can’t pronounce it, it’s probably not a good idea to drink it.

So yes, some protein powders actually live up to their hype, but even more important than drinking them right after working out is drinking the right kind — protein with clear, quality ingredients.

So Which Protein Powder to Buy?

We know the importance of high quality ingredients without strange chemicals or added sugar. That’s why we created our own protein powder. It’s clean, has ONE ingredient, unflavored and can be added to any smoothie.  Try our 30 day supply of pea protein.

Pea Protein Powder Plant Based Protein

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