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The Best Apps For Meditation by GreenBlender

5 Of The Best Apps For Meditation

Everyone wants to be calmer, less stressed, and closer to Nirvana, but if you have a full time job, family, kids, errands, bills, or anything else most of us have to deal with on a daily basis, Nirvana can often seem light years away.

Luckily, a few app developers understand the obstacles on our path to inner peace and quiet, and have designed some really great meditation apps that are guaranteed to take users to a happy place in less than 10 minutes!


The Best Apps For Meditation by GreenBlender, Breathe2Relax

Sometimes, the fastest way to feel calmer is to regulate your breathing. Breathe2Relax is specifically designed to do just that, allowing users to enter their stress level with a few swipes, and then taking them through guided “belly breathing” exercises. If you have a hard time keeping your mind clear of thoughts, this app will help you refocus your thinking on your body, rather than your brain.


The Best Apps For Meditation By GreenBlender, Buddhify

If you’re super busy and think there’s no time in your day to meditate, think again! This beautifully designed app has quick or lengthy meditations that you can listen to while you’re doing things like walking to work, eating lunch, trying to fall asleep, and even surfing the Internet. With Buddhify, any activity can be an exercise in mindfulness.

Mindfulness Meditation By Mental Workout

5 Of The Best Apps For Meditation by GreenBlender, Mindfulness Meditation

The full version of this app is a bit on the expensive side ($12.00), but it was designed by Stephan Bodian, an “internationally known” meditation teacher and psychotherapist, and is one of the best-selling meditation apps out there. It’s perfect for those just starting out with a practice, and who want more than just your typical guided meditation.


5 Of The Best Apps For Meditation  by GreenBlender, Happify

Designed for more than just meditation, Happify guides users toward an overall sense of peace and happiness with sights, sounds, games, and calming exercises. According to the website, Happify wants to help you “disrupt patterns of negative thinking, manage stress, and build skills to overcome various life challenges.”


5 Of The Best Apps For Meditation  by GreenBlender, Omvana

For someone who just loves to find their inner garden of peace, downloading Omvana is like hitting the mediation jackpot. With thousands of meditations, customizable sounds, and talks by experts, you could be on this app all day and still not scrape the surface of all it has to offer.

Just because you start your day running around like a crazy person doesn’t mean you can’t find some serenity somewhere! With the help of one of these apps, you’ll soon be feeling the kind of loving-kindness the Dalai Lama always talks about. Or at least something kinda close to it.

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