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Could This Vitamin Cause Acne By GreenBlender

Could This Common Vitamin Cause Acne?

Most of us would like to avoid talking about acne at all costs. If we didn’t experience the trauma of trying to cover it up as a teenager, we’ve most likely gotten a blemish or two as an adult that threatened to ruin an important occasion.

A good skincare routine helps most people keep their face smooth and healthy, but what a lot of us don’t realize is that our diet plays a very big role in keeping blemishes at bay.

Even though scientists aren’t exactly clear why some of us develop more blemishes than others, pimples are basically caused by an overabundance of an oily secretion known sebum and inflammation inside the body. Certain foods can increase this¬† inflammation, and while eating those foods aren’t guaranteed to give you acne, they certainly don’t help in lessening breakouts.

Now, researchers have discovered that a particular vitamin in some of these higher inflammation foods might be linked to problem skin.

Could This Vitamin Cause Acne By GreenBlender

Vitamin B-12, often found in beef, diary, and some kids of fish, has been linked to acne in studies since the 1950s, but has just recently been discovered to change how the “genes of facial bacteria behave, ” which in turn causes inflammation.

Even though this is an interesting finding, the results aren’t strong enough to warrant a mass freakout over hamburgers and yogurt. The best takeaway from this study may be that those who have issues with their skin should attempt to limit their intake of foods with high doses of B-12, just to see if it helps.

And don’t go thinking Vitamin B-12 is a big bad wolf! it’s actually an essential micronutrient that helps with energy and cell maintenance. In fact, Vitamin B-12 deficiency¬† can happen to people who don’t eat a lot of animal-derived protein, since the only way humans can get B-12 is by the foods we consume.

So yes, if you’re prone to breakouts, go easy on the red meat and the milk (but chicken, nut butters, legumes and pork are all good!), and if you’ve been blessed with good skin, keep doing what you’ve been doing. You know what they say: If it ain’t broke…

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