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Maqui Berry, The Antioxidant Powerhouse by GreenBlender

Maqui Berry, The Antioxidant Powerhouse

Why is everyone so big into antioxidants these days? Well, mostly it’s because they neutralize free radicals, which are “highly reactive” chemicals that can harm cells. Free radicals are also responsible for premature aging  and even DNA damage. Anything proven to help reverse all of the adverse side effects of living in the modern world (free radicals are born from pollution and other daily toxins) is bound to be popular

Health Benefits of Maqui Berry

The healthier our cells are, the healthier everything  about us — our skin, hair, immune system — can be. And antioxidants are some of the top natural ways to keep our cells strong and clean.

Maqui berry, a fruit commonly found in the rainforests of Argentina and Chile, has some of the most antioxidants per gram than any other “superfruit” currently on the market.  Its high dosage makes it extremely helpful with it comes to inflammatory diseases, and has even been shown to be an antiviral.

Health Benefits

These berries grow wild throughout Chile and Argentina and are easy to cultivate, which means more of us should be trying to find and buy them! They resemble red grapes, and have a light, sweet taste.

Besides their high levels of antioxidants, Maqui berries have also been shown to increase insulin production, easing blood glucose and possibly preventing the formation of new fat cells. Drinking Maqui juice after meals might just help you crave less sugar and lose more weight, and may even prove beneficial for those struggling with diabetes.

Add a scoop of Maqui powder to your morning smoothies and get a dose of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium, Iron and Calcium, along with a punch of antioxidant power!

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