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Camu Camu, the Immune boosting superfruit by GreenBlender

Camu Camu, The Immune-Boosting Superfruit

You probably haven’t heard of Camu Camu, but that’s because it’s really quite hard to get in North America. This little superfruit grows mainly in Brazil, Peru, Venezuela and Colombia, and has been used for medicinal purposes there for centuries.

Camu Camu’s main claim to fame is its potent punch of Vitamin C. This little fruit, about the size of your fist, packs “30-50 times more vitamin C” than an orange. It’s also known for its antiviral properties, with many people using it to help stop the flair-ups of infections like “cold sores, herpes, shingles, and the common cold.”


Even though it’s one of the most important vitamins out there, Vitamin C isn’t manufactured by the body, so it has to be ingested in order to help us stay healthy. If you find it difficult to get your daily amount, one spoonful of Camu Camu powder in a smoothie will provide you with about 1180 percent of your recommended intake. Talk about an immune-boosting infusion of goodness!

Camu Camu also has Valine and Leucine, essential amino acids that help the body maintain good muscle and bone density, and a good amount of potassium. There is even a small amount of evidence that Camu Camu may help protect against cancer.

Since most of us don’t come across this rainforest fruit too often, many people buy it in powdered form.

Camu Camu drink, The Immune-Boosting Superfruit

If you’re trying to fight off a cold, keep an infection at bay, or just generally reduce inflammation in your body, consider buying a packet of Camu Camu and adding it to your morning smoothies. Its flavor is minimal, but its nutritional power is first class!

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