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5 Healthy, Hydrating Beach Drinks

It’s (finally!) summer, and after the long winter we all endured, a lot of people are just itching to hit the beach. While it’s kind of an unwritten rule that “beach drinking” is okay (if you keep things relatively under wraps), the combination of hours in the sun and not a ton of food often equals dehydration, headaches, and a tired, droopy feeling that can stick with you even when you get home.

Instead of throwing a bunch of beer in your beach bag this summer, consider a few of these non-alcoholic beverages that will not only satisfy your thirst, but add a dose of vitamins and minerals in the process! Plus, they taste and look amazing, so you’re sure to make a few new beach blanket friends.

Non-Alcoholic Sangria

non-alcoholic sangria healthy beach drinks by GreenBlender

One of the best things about sangria is the wine-soaked fruit, and this recipe doesn’t disappoint in that respect. Plus, there’s a little bit of a caffeine kick from a black tea base. There’s a bunch of citrus for splash of vitamin C, and a healthy dose of pomegranate juice, which is full of antioxidants (and comes with a bunch of other benefits!)

Bubbly, Iced Fruit Punch

iced fruit punch healthy beach drinks by GreenBlender

Fizzy drinks always feel refreshing after you’ve been sitting in the sun for a few hours, and you can get super creative with the kinds of fruit / fruit juices you freeze overnight to make into the ice cubes for this drink. Consider making ice cube combinations of water and blueberries, fresh squeezed lime juice, cranberry juice, and half pineapple juice / half water.

Watermelon Strawberry Cooler

strawberry watermelon cooler healthy beach drinks by GreenBlender

Watermelon is an incredibly hydrating fruit, and a dose of chia seeds adds a fun texture as well as fiber (to keep you fuller longer), and omega-3s. The mint leaves add a cooling element, and strawberries are basically the official fruit of summer, so you can’t go wrong there!

Fresh Grape Soda

fresh grape soda healthy beach drinks by GreenBlender

This is nothing like the sticky-sweet grape soda of your childhood – pureed grapes and a splash of lemon juice give this sparkly drink a fresh zing that is perfect for parched beach goers. Plus, grapes have a lot of health benefits, including the possibility of helping you lose a bit of weight – which is never a bad thing during bathing suit season!

Healthy Lemonade

fresh lemoande healthy beach drinks by GreenBlender

It’s not summer unless someone’s drinking lemonade, and this recipe is about as healthy as it gets. A lot of store-bought lemonades are dosed with sugar, completely blocking any benefits you might be getting by the citrus, but this version changes all that! If you don’t have any lemon-flavored liquid stevia (not something you see on the shelves every day!), consider sweetening this recipe up with a little bit of natural honey instead.

Whether the beach is your place to run and play, or sit back and relax, these five summer drinks will keep you hydrated from the inside out. Long live summer, and long live your health!

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