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Lemon Water Why You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water By Greenblender

Why You Should Drink Hot Water & Lemon Every Morning

Most people say they can’t get their morning started unless they have their caffeine fix. Some people go straight from bed to the coffee pot, staring at it like it’s their only hope. While we agree that coffee is delicious and has some amazing health benefits, there’s another morning drink that might even be better.

Hot water with lemon is one of those age-old health drinks that actually has a lot of real benefits. If you’ve never tired it, it might seem odd to drink it first thing in the morning, but once you see all the good things it does for your body, you’ll be hooked!

Daily Detox: Lemons are a highly alkalized food, and most people need alkalized foods to help  balance their pH levels. Lemons may also help your liver flush small amounts of toxins

Helps With Digestion: If you think coffee keeps you regular, you’ve never tried lemon and hot water! Keep everything moving smoothly without the acidity of coffee first thing in the morning

May Promote Weight Loss: This is a slightly contested fact, but lemons do contain pectin, “a soluble fiber that has been shown to aid in weight-loss struggles.”

lemons Why You Should Be Drinking Hot Water And Lemons By Greenblender

All Natural Cold Remedy: If you’re feeling stuffed up or feverish, hot water and lemon (with a dose of honey) is a great supplement to those over-the-counter meds. It soothes your throat and provides vitamin C at the same time, while also upping your liquid consumption, which is important to chasing out colds!  One women even claims drinking it every morning stopped her from getting sick all year.

Calms Tummy Troubles: If you feel heartburn or even just a big “food baby” after a large meal, try sipping on this drink. The flavonoids in citrus have been known to ease stomach acidity.

Like any new habit, it might take you a few tries to actually start to enjoy your hot water and lemon drink (especially if you’re not used to the slight sour tang), but give it a few weeks and see if you notice any changes — most people report feeling more regular and less bloated after only two weeks.

And unlike everyone else in the office, your morning breath will be as sweet as a summer’s day!

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