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The 8 Best natural moisturizer for your face

The 8 Best Natural Moisturizers For Your Face

Most of us know that our body runs the best on healthy, whole food, but a lot of people who take great care with their diet don’t realize they should be doing the same with their skincare. You wouldn’t buy food full of chemicals you can’t pronounce, so why would you buy make-up that has a bunch of alien ingredients?

There are about a thousand moisturizers on the market, but the best kinds don’t just make your face feel supple, they actually create healthier skin. And you know what ingredients create healthier skin? You guessed it, natural ones! Below, we’ve rounded up eight of our favorite moisturizers. Some of them are a bit pricey, some are super affordable, but all of them are dedicated to natural or organic ingredients that will give you that healthy summer glow you’ve been looking for!

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Mio Skincare ($48)

Mio - The 8 Best Natural Moisturizers For Your Face by Green BlenderCreated by a few fitness-obsessed friends, Mio skincare is for anyone who’s active, and wants their skin to look as healthy as they feel! The Activist, their “firming active body oil” includes ingredients like organic sweet almond oil, carrot seed, cranberry seed, and vitamin E, and they guarantee that all their products are free from unhealthy “parabens, petrolatum,  and synthetic fragrance,” and other chemicals you wouldn’t want on your body.

Sibu Beauty ($20.95)

Sibu Beauty - The 8 Best Natural Moisturizers For Your Face by Green BlenderCreated by an entrepreneur and philanthropist who wanted to create a natural and ethical skincare line that incorporated what he considered to be a “powerful holy fruit,” the Sea Buckthorn berry, Sibu’s Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Facial Cream has ingredients like omega 7 fatty acids, shea butter, and Orange Essential Oil. What it doesn’t have? “Dairy, yeast, wheat, gluten, sodium or preservatives.”

Burt’s Bees ($18)

Burt's Bees - The 8 Best Natural Moisturizers For Your Face by Green BlenderYou’re probably familiar with their lip moisturizers, but Burt’s Bees actually has a huge line of face and body products at very affordable prices. Their Radiance Day Cream comes with a “99% Natural” guarantee, and has Royal Jelly, a wonderful natural healing agent.

Sprout Wellness ($24)

Sprout Wellness  - The 8 Best Natural Moisturizers For Your Face by Green BlenderEvery product from S.W only has five ingredients or less, and the company was started by a woman who was trying to find a way to treat her sensitive skin. These days, they focus on ethically sourced options, like the “wild harvested shea butter” in their cream, which comes from a Fair Trade women’s cooperative in Ghana.

Tata Harper Skincare ($100)

Tata Harper Skincare  - The 8 Best Natural Moisturizers For Your Face by Green Blender

Created on a farm in Vermont, Tata Harper skincare takes pride in every small batch they make, and is a favorite with celebrities and health gurus alike. Their Rebuilding Moisturizer contains Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid (for natural anti-aging purposes) and raw honey, which both moisturizers and keeps skin blemish free!

Balanced Guru ($22.99)

Balance Guru  - The 8 Best Natural Moisturizers For Your Face by Green BlenderNot only are their products cruelty-free and organic, but Balanced Guru also strives to keep their packaging recycled, and uses sustainable ingredients whenever possible. Their Nourish Me Serum uses encapsulated shiitake mushroom, goji berry, and acai extract to ward off the signs of aging – naturally.

Mullein & Sparrow ($18)

Mullein & Sparrow  - The 8 Best Natural Moisturizers For Your Face by Green BlenderA teeny, tiny company from New York, Mullein & Sparrow use only certified organic herbs in their products. Their Lavender Hydrosol is steam-distilled, which allows the liquid to keep all the “beneficial components that whole plant materials have to offer,” and doubles as a room freshener.

Pangea Organics ($40)

Pangea Organics  - The 8 Best Natural Moisturizers For Your Face by Green BlenderPangea Organics is a company born in fitness and health-obsessed Boulder, CO, so you know they have their heads on straight when it comes to natural ingredients. Their Italian Red Mandarin with Rose cream includes antioxidant-rich avocado oil and rose otto, a scent that “stimulates the heart chakra.”

As the summer heats up, keeping your skin supple and smooth definitely becomes a priority. While making sure your tan lines always look on point will probably be a constant battle, finding the right moisturizer for your healthy lifestyle just got a whole lot easier!

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