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Say yes to whole foods by green blender

Why Dieting Doesn’t Work

If we asked you the question “What should you change about your diet?” you would probably answer by saying: drink less, cut out sugar, stop having cheese with every meal, avoid the afternoon coffee and the list continues. There seem to be endless lists of what NOT to eat.  It is hard to get through the day without hearing about “low carb,” “low fat,” “paleo,” “vegan,” not to mention detox diets or cleansing! The supermarket is lined with shelves of products touting “fat free,” “no sugar added,” “diet,” “lite” and beyond. Certain foods have become forbidden and guilt ridden.

We want to give you a new, sustainable way of thinking: a mind shift that will increase your energy, tantalize your tastebuds, improve your skin and help you attain your health and weight goals.  It is about creating a lifestyle of wellness. Health is not a trend or a series of yo-yo diets. What if we told you that by adding IN foods, by saying YES to lists of real, whole food, you could change the way you look and feel for the better? By increasing the focus on what you can eat in abundance, you will notice a natural reduction in your desire for the processed, high sugar, fake stuff.

Say YES to Whole Foods by Green Blender

We believe that you don’t have to eliminate food groups or feel deprived in order to see results. In fact, we know that you can go out to dinner with friends, have a glass of wine or a cocktail and truly enjoy the experience without guilt or worry.

Say yes to whole foods by green blender

We challenge you to focus on the vast array of foods that come from the earth, that are whole and real and not processed. Make it your mission to add in as many nutrient powerhouses as you can and don’t waste your mind-space worrying about what you “cannot” have. In fact, from now on, there are no “NO” foods!  If you fill up on (organic) vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, beans, organic dairy and grass-fed meats and wild seafood, you will find that your body feels nourished and satisfied instead of hungry for more and more. You will notice your cravings shift away from the chocolate cake and towards your morning blend. You will!

Say yes to whole foods by green blender

Boost your energy and cleanse your body with daily dark, leafy greens and lemon water. Get glowing, youthful skin and ensure your body absorbs all the vitamins and nutrients by eating healthy fats like avocado, walnuts, coconut oil and wild salmon. Fuel your day and repair worked-out muscles by incorporating quality protein. We love beans, nuts, quinoa and peas. We also suggest organic dairy, grass-fed beef, wild seafood and free-range chicken and eggs. Protein is digested slowly, so you stay fuller longer!

If you munch on sweet fruits and vegetables throughout the day, you may find you no longer crave a sweet treat!  When you are tired and your willpower is worn, have cooked sweet potatoes or beets, fresh berries, carrots and cantaloupe on hand to trick your taste buds. Try out a chocolate avocado mousse or dates stuffed with almond butter. Incorporate an abundance of superfoods throughout your day and you will notice your desire for the chips and cookies will dwindle because you don’t have room for them! Your taste buds and biochemistry actually changes over time. Your body will say “Thank you for feeding me well! Keep feeding me well!”

Say yes to whole foods by green blender

Eat REAL whole foods the majority of the time, then you can stop worrying and thinking about what you cannot have. We encourage you to look forward to your dinners out with friends or dates or family. We want you to read a menu and order not just what you think you should, but what you actually want. Food should not only make you feel good, but it should taste really good too! When you are out to eat with friends, place your order and then forget it. Focus on the conversation, the atmosphere and LAUGH! Eat your dinner leisurely and notice the chef’s presentation, the smells and colors. Take time to really taste it. Food is an art to be shared and enjoyed. The happy hormones your brain releases when you do so on occasion trigger more good than the harm caused by extra calories or too much oil. In fact, the stress hormones released when you feel anxiety, guilt or distress have been shown to increase fat stores, weight gain and decrease your willpower to make good decisions.

So go ahead, enjoy that dirty martini or chocolate lava cake on your girls’ night out! Savor every bite of that homemade pasta at your anniversary dinner! Because you’ve been eating kale and spinach in your morning green smoothie. You’ve been indulging in fresh blueberries and raspberries as an afternoon treat. You’ve been adding beans and grilled veggies or avocado and tuna to your quinoa. You are well-hydrated and experimenting with superfoods like chia and hemp seeds, goji berries and cacao nibs. You swapped in dried dates and maple syrup for refined sugar and aspartame. You’ve been taking time for YOU, exercising and building in relaxation. You are doing great and you should feel great too!

Tomorrow, use your energy to get excited about filling yourself with colorful, fresh, local foods! Try a new ingredient and notice how you feel. Say YES to eating more vegetables. Say YES to that tall glass of water with lemon! And then say YES when you look in the mirror and love what you see!

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