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7 ways to sneak leafy greens into your diet

7 Sneaky Ways to Add Greens To Your Diet

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day here are 7 sneaky ways to add veggies into your diet.  All of them are delicious and are jam packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, proving it’s easy (and delicious) being green!

Add Them To Smoothies

Green Coconut Energizer Smoothie Recipe by Green Blender

Although personally we love the taste of these vegetables on their own, for those of you who aren’t the biggest veggie fans, smoothies offer the perfect option! The natural flavor of the fruit totally hides the taste of the greens. Some of our favorite smoothie recipes include greens like kale, spinach and chard. Don’t believe us? Try our Green Coconut Energy Smoothie!

Make “Zoats”

zoats-sneaky ways to add greens to your diet by green blender

For those unfamiliar with this dish, zoats is the combination of oatmeal and zucchini. We know this combination may sounds strange, but zucchini is such a mild tasting vegetable that it takes on the taste of whatever sweet treat you had to it. Besides its unassuming taste, zucchini is also the perfect addition to an oatmeal breakfast because it is jam packed with nutrients. Thanks to the vitamins it contains: A,B and C, not to mention the potassium, folate, and high fiber and antioxidant content, this green veggie fills you up with the good stuff.

Make Baked Goods Even Better

green muffins-sneaky ways to add greens to your diet by green blender

Yep, there’s a way to make brownies, cookies and muffins more delicious, and best of all, guilt free. You can satisfy your sweet tooth, while getting in your fill of veggie! Puree spinach and add to brownies or muffins. You can even add avocado to cookies or frosting.

Munch on A Different Kind of Chip

7 Sneaky Ways to Eat More Greens: Nacho Kale Chip

For a chip that won’t leave you feeling unsatisfied try kale chips! Simply coat kale in olive oil and sprinkle with salt pop them in the oven at 300 for 15 minutes and you’ve got the perfect snack! Try these “nacho” kale chips.

Give Your Grains Some Green

Grains-sneaky ways to add greens to your diet by green blender

Greens and grains complement each other perfectly! Finely chopping your greens and cooking them, creates a soft texture, which pairs perfectly with any grain. Best of all, with so many different grains and so many different greens, the possibilities are endless!

Sauce Gets Sassier

Sauce-sneaky ways to add greens to your diet by green blender

Anytime you have a recipe that requires a type of tomato sauce (marinara sauce, pasta sauce, alfredo etc), just add some greens for to amp up the nutritional profile. It’s so simple! You can add frozen or fresh veggies, no matter what you choose, the result is delicious and healthy.

Now That’s A Wrap

Wraps-sneaky ways to add greens to your diet by green blender

Instead of a carb-heavy wrap, try using collard greens! Add tofu and black beans, like this recipe from Shape, and you’ve got a wrap that is bursting with flavor and nutrients and a taste that is out of this world.

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