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How to Pit Cherries From Green Blender

How to Pit Cherries Without a Pitter: GIF Guide

There is nothing like the fresh, sweet taste of a ripe cherry. They are the perfect summer snack: the crown jewel of summer fruits.

Including fresh cherries to smoothies is a great way to add a burst of flavor. They can take a mediocre smoothie and make it great. So, how do you get the pit out of a cherry if you don’t have a pitter?

There is one simple way to remove the pits and it takes zero equipment. Read on to see how we pit our cherries in GIF form and add them to your next Orange Cherry Blossom or Dark Cherry Chocolate Smoothies.

1. Remove the cherry stem

How to Pit a Cherry by Green Blender

2. Cut cherry length-wise

How to Pit a Cherry: Cut Length Wise

3. Twist cherry open

How to Pit a Cherry: Twist Open

4. Remove the pit with fingers

How to Pit a Cherry: Remove the Pit