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How I changed my life with green smoothies

How I Completely Changed My Health with Green Smoothies

In the beginning of 2018, my big goals were pretty simple: Improve my health, lose weight, and feel energized. As the year rolled out however, the one excuse I kept making was time. With balancing a professional and personal life, maintaining a healthy lifestyle was not first on my “to do” list. That’s when I was introduced to GreenBlender.

We all have something we’d like to change about ourselves, but often it feels like too much work.

If you’re frustrated, fed up, and ready to make a real change in your life, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been in your position and I’m happy to say that I found a way out. How did I do it? It’s so easy you might not believe it – green smoothies.

I know, you’ve probably heard the hype about green smoothies and you may be wondering whether they live up to everything you’ve heard. Well, I’m here to tell you that green smoothies are, in fact, everything they are cracked up to be and they helped me change my health for the better.

Smoothies Gave Me Sustained Energy

I used to start my day with a big mug of coffee loaded up with sugar and cream. I relied on that caffeine boost to wake me up and keep me going through until lunchtime. When I started drinking green smoothies in the morning instead, I found that not only was I more alert and focused upon waking, but my morning smoothie kept me going all day long without coffee or soda.

Green smoothies can boost energy due to the fact that they are made with fresh fruits and/or vegetables packed with the essential nutrients your body needs to function at its optimal level. When you cut out unhealthy foods and start fueling your body properly, you’ll find that everything falls into place – including your energy and metabolism.

My favorite energy-boosting ingredients to include in my morning green smoothie are bananas, spinach, and blueberries with a drizzle of honey.

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Smoothies Improved My Digestion

Before I started drinking smoothies, I tried some of the other popular diet trends including juicing. I’ve always been a fan of green juice and (wrongly) assumed it was the same as green smoothies, so it seemed like a no-brainer to me.

The problem with juicing, however, is that the extraction process removes the fiber from the raw ingredients. Sure, you can stir some of it back into your juice after pressing, but that’s not particularly appetizing.

Green smoothies retain the fiber content of the raw ingredients which is important for healthy digestion. When I switched from juices to smoothies, I found that my digestion became more regular and I found relief from uncomfortable bloating.

Smoothies Made Healthy Eating Simple

I’ll be the first to admit that eating healthy isn’t as difficult as many people think. It’s all about balance and making healthy swaps – switching out unhealthy foods for healthier, more wholesome alternatives. Unfortunately, many people assume that means giving up your daily fast food run for a plate piled high with veggies and greens. While this is certainly one way to get your daily dose of nutrition, it is not the only way – nor the best way.

Fruits and vegetables contain a wide variety of nutrients and, when blended up in a green smoothie, those healthy nutrients are easy for your body to absorb and utilize. Personally, I think that sipping a green smoothie is much easier than putting down a giant plate of veggies – it’s more enjoyable too!

If you simply don’t like fresh vegetables or you have a hard time digesting raw foods, a green smoothie could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Some evidence also suggests that drinking blended foods like smoothies keeps you feeling fuller longer than eating them in their natural, whole state.

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Smoothies Helped My Mood Immensely

We all have bad days from time to time, but there was a certain period in my professional life when I was feeling particularly over-stressed. I would wake up feeling groggy and irritable. On occasions my mood would steadily worsen throughout the day. I’d gobble down snacks filled with refined carbohydrates looking for energy, only to crash later in the day.

Green smoothies ended up working wonders for my mood, mental health, and stability in general. There are a number of studies that support the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables for mood and mental health – it all has to do with antioxidants and other healthy nutrients. Antioxidants protect the body (and the brain) against oxidative stress which helps in a number of ways, including making improvements to your mood and cognitive ability.

Smoothies Helped Me Avoid Getting Sick

When I was younger, I didn’t get sick as often as other kids. I was the last kid in our family to get the chicken pox and I seemed to be immune to the numerous bugs that were always going around the school.

In more recent years, however, I found that I was getting sick more often. It seemed like my immune system simply wasn’t as strong as it once was. This was most likely due to working in a high-stress environment and not taking care of my health as well as I should have.

When I started drinking green smoothies, that changed. This is due to the fact that green smoothies are rich in immune-boosting nutrients and antioxidants. Part of it has to do with the fact that 80 percent of your immune system is located in the gut, so when you fuel your digestion and your body with healthy nutrients, your body and your immune system will benefit.

Some of my favorite immune-boosting ingredients include ginger, fresh berries, leafy greens, kiwi, and apples.

How to make a smoothie a meal replacement

Smoothies Helped Me Find Relief From Cravings

Like I mentioned earlier, I used to consume way more refined carbohydrates (sugars) than was good for me. In addition to snacking, I loaded up my morning coffee with sugar and cream. Eventually, I came to find that if I didn’t drink my usual third sugar-packed coffee of the day at 3pm, I started to crave sugary foods – I would also get hankerings for fatty foods.

It turns out that refined sugar is addictive – perhaps more addictive than certain street drugs. Drinking green smoothies has been shown to counteract that addiction and reduce cravings. A single green smoothie can pack your entire days’ worth of fruits and vegetables into one sippable drink.

When you replace sugary, fatty foods with green smoothies, you’ll find that you crave those unhealthy foods less often and you actually start craving healthy foods instead!

Smoothies Helped My Skin, Hair and Nails

I’ve never been one to obsess over my appearance, but there have been times when I look in the mirror and I realize that there are some improvements to be made. In addition to sub-par skin and nails, my hair had been difficult to tame as it tends to get pretty oily as well. When I started drinking green smoothies, all of these things changed for the better.

It turns out that the nutrients typically found in green smoothies can boost your skin, hair, and nail health. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which is essential for building collagen, and other brightly colored fruits and veggies are loaded with skin-supporting vitamin A and beta-carotene. Nuts contain healthy fats as well as vitamin E and B, while flaxseed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

My Final Thoughts on Smoothies

My experience with green smoothies has taught me that it doesn’t take momentous changes to make healthy lifestyle improvements. Rather, it’s all about simple changes and consistency. GreenBlender is perfect for that. No need to waste time researching recipes and driving to the grocery store to purchase fruits/veggies. GreenBlender smoothies gave me back my time. And more time in my day means less stress.

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how green smoothies changed my life

Dan Scalco is a business owner and health enthusiast. He researches and writes about ways people in personal and professional settings can reduce their stress, increase productivity, and live an overall better life. Check out his food blog here.