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A Short and Sweet Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re stuck on what to get a person who seems to have everything this holiday season, or just need to find the health nut in your life something creative, we’ve got the last minute gift guide for you!

Below are just a few unusual, creative items that have caught our eye, and that are sure to brighten anyone’s holiday!

Salt of the World Set – $45

A Short and Sweet Healthy Holiday Gift Guide, salt

Uncommon Goods is a great place to find unusual and creative gifts, and this salt set is no exception.  This elegant set includes seven exotic salts from Hawaii, Denmark, Pakistan, Australia, El Salvador, Cyprus, and an elegant Spanish saffron. Buy gift here >>>

Optic Table Tile Coasters (Set of 12) – $36

A Short and Sweet Healthy Holiday Gift Guide, coasters

Made by a small Brooklyn, New York design team, these optical illusion coasters will transform any table into modern art. Use them separately or push them together to make an artistic mosaic that will impress all your friends. Buy gift here >>>

KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cups – $24

A Short and Sweet Healthy Holiday Gift Guide, coffee cup

Americans throw out a lot of trash every year, especially when it comes to our morning coffee cups. If you or someone you know is trying to do their part to reuse and recycle whenever possible, consider gifting them one of these adorable reusable coffee cups. Not only do they look great, they’re sturdy, and can be heated up to 110 degrees. You can even design your own! Buy gift here >>>

Salt Lamp – $23 to $150

A Short and Sweet Healthy Holiday Gift Guide, salt lamp

In addition to giving off a calming glow, salt lamps are often classified as air purifiers, releasing small amounts of negative ions that fight back against harmful electromagnet fields given off by household appliances. Add some relaxation and rejuvenation to someone’s day with these handmade, fair trade designs. Buy gift here >>>

GreenBlender Gift Card – $49 and Up

A Short and Sweet Healthy Holiday Gift Guide, gift card

Giving the gift of fresh fruits, vegetables and superfoods delivered straight to the front door has never been easier with our digital gift cards. Simply point, click, and email, and your recipient will receive a GreenBlender subscription without having to lift a finger! Buy gift here >>> 

Sivana Spirit Healing Bath Crystals – $49

A Short and Sweet Healthy Holiday Gift Guide, stones

Take relaxation to the next level with these healing bath stones. With many different types to choose from, these gorgeous gift bags are perfect for the free spirit in your life. Place them directly in the bath to enjoy “healing vibrations.” Buy gift here >>>

Teeki Coyote Moon Dawn Hot Pant – $65

A Short and Sweet Healthy Holiday Gift Guide, yoga pants

What’s better than high-waisted, flattering yoga pants? High-waisted, flattering yoga pants made from recycled water bottles! Teeki is an American company focused on creating fun, hip, eco-friendly clothing that’s perfect for whatever kind of workout is on the agenda. Buy gift here >>>

Anima Mundi Herbals Daily Elixir Kit – $78

A Short and Sweet Healthy Holiday Gift Guide, Elixir

This kit contains expertly mixed elixirs for the complexion, for immunity, for feeling good, and for sleep — among other things. All natural, organic herbs and flavorings means it’s the perfect addition to any morning routine, or for adding to any smoothie! Buy gift here >>>