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Spice Up Your Life: A Guide to Spices

Spice Up Your Life: A Guide to Spices

At Green Blender we’re all about spicing things up! From our cinnamon bun to our maple ginger glazed carrot, our smoothies have got both the flavor and the essential vitamins and minerals. We owe a large part of both of these elements to spices. Spices aren’t only great for adding flavor to smoothies, they also offer wonderful nutritional benefits for your mind and body. Unsure of which spices do what? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites that are guaranteed to zest up your smoothies and spice (yes, that pun was intended) up your life.



Made from the inner bark of trees called cinnamomum, cinnamon is loaded with highly potent polyphenol antioxidants. These antioxidants act as anti-inflammatories and aid in lowering the risk for infections and diseases. Cinnamon has also been proven reduce the risk of heart disease because it reduces levels of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Sweet, spicy, and a superfood with tons of benefits, cinnamon is truly the spice of life.

For a smoothie with a sweet, cinnamon sprinkle try our Apple Pie Smoothie or Carrot Cake Smoothie.



The only thing that matches turmeric’s full flavor and bold yellow color are its numerous health benefits! Because it contains the powerful compound curcumin, turmeric acts as a superfood, fighting inflammation, aiding in digestion, fighting cancer, easing arthritis, and lowering the risk of heart attacks. Turmeric has also been shown to protect the brain because it contains the compound ar-turmerone. This potent compound is beneficial in repairing the brains stem cells and helps keep the brain functioning at its best and brightest.

Turn up your turmeric intake with our Orange is the New Black Turmeric Tonic or our Turmeric Carrot Smoothie.



With its distinct and earthy flavor, there really is nothing quite like nutmeg. Not only is it unique in terms of flavor, but this spice also has numerous health benefits that make it quite a special spice. Containing  fiber, manganese, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, magnesium, copper, and macelignan, nutmeg has been known to relieve pain, soothe indigestion, strengthen cognitive function, detoxify the body, boost skin health, alleviate oral conditions, reduce insomnia, increase immune system function, prevent leukemia, and improve blood circulation. Nutmeg is a spice worth dashing liberally.

Go on, get nutty with nutmeg! Try our Spiced Apple Cider or Shiro Plum Crumble Smoothie.



The spicy flavor of ginger heats up any smoothie (or dish, for that matter)  while flushing out toxins, boosting the immune system, and providing a boost of energy. Ginger contains the powerful compounds, gingerols. It is these compounds that allow ginger to act as a natural anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, and antibacterial. In addition to gingerols, ginger also contains the essential minerals, chromium, magnesium and zinc which can help to improve blood flow, as well as help prevent chills and fever. Ginger is also believed to aid and ease digestion. Add a sprinkle of ginger and keep your body and mind in perfect harmony.

Get going with ginger and try Maple Ginger Glazed Carrots and our Ginger Cranberry Smoothie.




This is one hot spice and it’s not just because of the flavor! Cayenne is rich in multiple vitamins and minerals including, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, potassium, manganese, and flavonoids. It is because of these nutrients that Cayenne has been proven to ease upset stomach, ulcers, sore throats, spasmodic and irritating coughs, and diarrhea. Cayenne is also a well-known digestive aid. It stimulates the digestive tract, increasing the flow of enzyme production and gastric juices. This boosts metabolism and helps the body get rid of toxins.
Really spice things up with cayenne in our Go Go Goji Berries Smoothie and Orange Zinger Smoothie.



Allspice originates from a wild evergreen tree indigenous to the rainforests of South and Central America. Allspice is a combination of cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg, hence the name. This fragrant and unique spice contains the chemical eugenol, which is a powerful antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Eugenol is believed to kill germs, ease muscle pains, aid digestion and improve circulation.

Add a dash of awesome with allspice and try a Candied Cayenne Sweet Potato Smoothie or our Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie.



This exotic spice has a slight lemony smell and a taste that is totally delicious. On top of being flavorful, cardamom is a great source of potassium, calcium and magnesium. The volatile oils cardamom contains is what truly makes this spice stand out. These oils include pinene, sabinene, myrcene, phellandrene, and limonene, and all aid in digestion. In addition to these volatile oils, cardamom also contains potent chemical compounds that are known to have antioxidant, disease preventative, and health promoting properties.

Get creative with cardamom and try our Cardamom Peach Smoothie.

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