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Smoothie Recipes For The Week of December 24th, 2017

This Menu shows all of the smoothie recipes for the week of December 24th, 2017 to December 30th, 2017. Now, on to healthy and hydrating smoothie recipes, including one created in partnership with NOOMA, an organic, GMO-free, natural electrolyte drink.

Mint Detox

Certified USDA organic and containing no artificial sweeteners or added sugar, Nooma is an electrolyte drink that keeps your body hydrated using natural ingredients -- organic coconut water and natural sea salt. And when blended with copious amounts of vitamin C and healthy fats, provides the perfect start to any day!

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Lavender Lemonade

Lavender has been used for decades in folk medicine to treat a variety of ailments, but it’s most commonly used to help ease an overworked nervous system. Also known as “Chilean wineberries” maqui berries are native to South America, and have more antioxidants per serving than almost any other fruit (antioxidants also benefit the nervous system). By combining these two nervous system-loving superfoods with a hefty dose of vitamin C from pear, apple and lemon, we’ve created a calming drink that will keep you focused all day long.

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Kumquat Cantaloupe

A seasonal winter citrus fruit that can be eaten peel and all, kumquats are full of B-complex vitamins, as well as vitamin C. Cantaloupe is another great source of vitamin C, as well as potassium. Swiss chard triples the vitamin C in this smoothie, and adds vitamins K and magnesium. Ginger adds a dose of anti-inflammatory power, and flax adds fiber, healthy fatty acids and cancer-fighting antioxidants. This low calorie, low sugar snack is the perfect way to toast to a new year, and a new you!

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Chocolate Covered Almonds

Chocolate as detox? If that chocolate is cacao, then yes! Cacao (chocolate in its rawest, most unprocessed form) has more antioxidants and magnesium per serving than almost any other food, and sweetens things up without adding unnecessary sugar. Pea protein is a great way for vegans or those with sensitive stomachs to bump up their daily protein consumption (which is essential for everything from sustained energy to lean muscle), and almond butter bumps up that protein intake even more, while also adding a dose of healthy fat.

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Creamy Kiwi

This super green, yet still sweet smoothie is perfect for the people in your life who are a little hesitant to get on the green smoothie train. Kiwis and pear provide ample sweetness, as well as vitamins C, A, potassium, fiber and folate. Healthy fat and protein, courtesy of cashews, will keep you satisfied for hours, as well as provide a creamy base, and baby spinach - with its delicate taste and tons of vitamins - adds the perfect mild greenness. 

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Green Orange Protein

Start your day off on a sweet, green note with this complexion-loving blend. With almost 50 percent of your daily vitamin C needs per serving, both your skin and your immune system will be positively glowing. A dash of vegan pea protein and flaxseed also help to keep you satiated and energized.

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Pumpkin Seed Beet

Scientists have found that daily consumption of beet juice may help inhibit the growth of certain cancers, and the natural nitrates in beets are connected to a healthier blood pressure and a lower likelihood of heart disease. Plus, they may even help give you a boost of energy in your next workout!

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Sweet and Sour Beet

Regular consumption of beets may inhibit the growth of certain types of cancers, help blood flow more freely through the body (lowering blood pressure and protecting against heart disease), and even increase athletic performance. Grapes contain polyphenols, powerful antioxidants which also fight against cancer. Add in some potent anti-inflammatory power from ginger, cholesterol-lowering walnuts, and vitamin C from an orange, and you’ve got the perfect morning meal.

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