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maple cranberry tart smoothie recipe

Smoothie Recipes For The Week of December 17th, 2017

This Menu shows all of the smoothie recipes for the week of December 17th, 2017 to December 23rd, 2017. Now, on to energizing, immune boosting smoothie recipes!

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Green Horchata

In addition to being full of vitamin K and A, one cup of cooked swiss chard actually contains about 50% of our daily vitamin C needs. Bananas also have a nice dose of vitamin C, as well as fiber, potassium and magnesium. Add in some cinnamon for a burst of anti-inflammatory goodness, as well as a tablespoon of low fat vegan pea protein, and you have the perfect meal replacement for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

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Maple Cranberry Tart

Lucuma is a Peruvian superfruit that has a luscious caramel taste, as well as iron, zinc and calcium. The vitamin C in this smoothie comes from cranberries (which also provide fiber and vitamin E, but very low amounts of sugar). Studies have recently linked daily consumption of apples to increased cognitive health, and they provide fiber and vitamin C as well. Top this sweet treat off with some maple syrup (which has iron, zinc and manganese), and you have a great way to curb cravings any time of day.

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Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Protein

This low calorie, high protein smoothie tastes like a milkshake, but thanks to healthy Omega-3s from pumpkin seeds, a boost to serotonin and endorphins from cacao, and copious amounts of vitamins from spinach (iron, vitamin K) banana (potassium), and pear (fiber), it’s the perfect healthy start to your day.

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Coconut Carrot Cake

Carrots bring a dose of sweetness to smoothies, as well as beta-carotene, vitamin C, and fiber. Bananas are also full of fiber, as well as potassium, and cinnamon is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps with both complexion and regulating blood sugar. Walnuts provide a dose of nutty sweetness and Omega-3s, as well as potent cancer-fighting compounds. Round this healthy breakfast out with some unsweetened coconut flakes, and get your dessert fix without any of those pesky refined sugars.

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Lemon Lift

Many people know that spinach is high in nutrients like iron, folate and vitamins A and K, but it also has quite a hefty dose of vitamin C per serving. Lemon is full of vitamin C as well, and grapes have it too, as well as powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. Almonds are some of the healthiest nuts you can eat (studies suggest a handful a day might just help you lose weight), and pears have a delicate, sweet taste combined with lots of fiber. You’ll feel lifted, energized and light on your feet with this low calorie, high fiber drink.

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Honey Lime Refresh

In addition to fiber and potassium, honeydew melon is full of vitamin C (one cup provides about 34 percent of our daily needs). It’s also the perfect base for smoothies, as its delicate sweetness combines well with most other fruits and vegetables. The juice from a lime increases the vitamin C content, while a pear increases the fiber. Add in some stomach-soothing mint, iron, and vitamin K from kale, and “perfect protein" in the form of hemp seeds, and you have a low calorie, low fat snack that will keep you satisfied for hours.

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Tomatillo Zinger

Researchers at Purdue University found that half a teaspoon of cayenne truly does increase the amount of calories burned via a raised body temperature, and when eaten with meals, may also help suppress appetite. Start your day the green way with this low calorie, low sugar, nutrient-dense powerhouse! Pro tip: add a pinch of salt to really bring out the flavor.

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Spiced Apple Sauce

Cantaloupe provides an extremely potent serving of beta-carotene, and by combining vitamin-infused spinach and cantaloupe together, we’ve created the perfect smoothie for glowing skin (beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A inside the body, a vitamin responsible for retinol). We’ve also added some healthy fat in the form of cashews and hemp protein, which should help give your face a subtle but beautiful glow.

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