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Healthier Thanksgiving Desserts, spiced hot fruit bake

9 Healthier Thanksgiving Desserts

The holiday season can be stressful, but at its heart, it’s a time to connect with friends and family in front of a good meal. If you’re searching for new recipes that the whole family will love, and that won’t upset your healthy diet, we’ve got a list for you!

These recipes are full of whole ingredients, natural sweeteners, and many are either vegan or paleo. Novice cooks and seasoned chefs alike will find the majority of these dishes easy, which makes them perfect for a busy holiday meal.

Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake

Healthier Thanksgiving desserts, vegan cheesecake

Pumpkin cheesecake is a classic fall / winter dessert, and this recipe allows everyone – vegans and regular eaters alike – to enjoy its luscious flavor. Cashews take the place of cream cheese in this recipe, maple syrup is the main sweetener, and pumpkin puree creates a deep flavor with the additional benefits of beta-carotene and fiber. Click here for recipe >>>

Cinnamon Baked Pears

Healthier Thanksgiving Desserts, baked pears

If you’re looking for a healthy holiday dessert that’s also simple and easy, these cinnamon baked pears are for you. Pears are full of healthy fiber, and maple syrup has iron and magnesium, so you’ll get a nice dose of vitamins while also curbing sweet cravings. Click here for recipe >>>

Sugared Cranberries

Healthier Thanksgiving Desserts, sugared cranberries

Another super simple Thanksgiving dessert that’s perfect for light snacking, these sugared cranberries add a nice dose of sweet/tart to your holiday table. Click here for recipe >>>

Vegan, Paleo Pecan Pie Bars

Healthier Thanksgiving Desserts, pecan pie bars

Full of healthy fats from pecans and coconut oil, these simple bars have only six ingredients. Flax meal adds fiber and protein, and maple syrup adds additional vitamins like magnesium and iron. Whether you’re vegan, gluten free, or just trying to eliminate processed sugar from your diet, these bars are for you. Click here for recipe >>>

Brown Sugar Glazed Apple Cinnamon Donuts

Healthier Thanksgiving Desserts, baked apple donuts

Who doesn’t love donuts and tea on a cold winter evening? This recipe lightens up the donut experience by baking them instead of frying them, and adds real apples and cinnamon. And hey, if you want to have one for breakfast, we’re all for it! Click here fore recipe >>>

Paleo Sweet Potato Pie

Healthier Thanksgiving Desserts, sweet potato pie

Naturally sweetened with honey, cinnamon, ginger and – surprise! – an orange, this gluten-free pie is a great way to make a traditional recipe accessible to more people at your holiday table. Click here for recipe >>>

Spiced Hot Fruit Bake

Healthier Thanksgiving Desserts, spiced hot fruit bake

This dessert is healthy enough to be a breakfast! Fall fruits like pears, apples, cranberries and pineapple are combined with spices and a little bit of butter. As it bakes, it’ll make your entire kitchen smell like the holiday season!  Click here for recipe >>>

Chocolate Paleo Magic Cookie Bars With Strawberries

Healthier Thanksgiving Desserts, paleo dark chocoalte bars

Hazelnuts, coconut milk, strawberries, cocoa powder and a few other ingredients make these decadent bars pure heaven. And even though they look like they’d be incredibly sweet, there isn’t any added sugar in the recipe. Click here for recipe >>>

Cranberry Handpies

Healther Thanksgiving Desserts, cranberry handpies

These sweet little pies only require five ingredients, which means they’re perfect for when you want dessert for a bunch of guests, but don’t have a lot of time! Plus, they’re the perfect way to recycle extra cranberry sauce. Click here for recipe >>>

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